Tuesday 7 August 2012

I cannot help it - I am just feeling so Yellow

yellow flowers

Today was a yellow day
Had yellow thoughts
The sun was shining yellow
Baked a cheese flan for tea
It was yellow
My black cat ran meowing into a dark corner
Was she worried because I was carrying a pot of yellow paint?
I bought bananas, they were green (aha!)
But I am sure they will turn yellow
I had a bad dream that the house was burning
Yellow flames licking at the walls and curtains
The curtains?
I do not have any, but if I did
Who knows, they might be yellow
So what is the reason for this yellow feeling?
I just wanted to support yellow
Everyone is blue and sad
Green with envy
Red with anger
Poor yellow is just neglected
No-one wants to be yellow, just me
So support yellow,