Tuesday 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #206 - The Old Tree

Tree with Ivy

It was one of those lazy summer days. Joey was on school holidays and he was not sorry. He was playing in the garden with Fido, the dog, who was chasing a twig Joey was throwing for him and returning it to Joey in his mouth for the tenth time, saliva dripping out of the corners of his doggy mouth and feeling glad that Joey praised him afterwards and now and again slipped him a doggy goody.

“Yes” thought Fido “a dog’s life with Joey is good. Always something to do and I have everything.”

Then Joey saw his dad in the garden carrying something big and dangerous looking.

“What’s that dad?”

“It’s an electric chain saw son. I borrowed it from Uncle Fred, I am going to cut that old tree down at the bottom of the garden.”

“But dad, you can’t do that, that tree is sort of sacred. You know like something in the town. The founder’s memorial and you wouldn ‘t be pulling that down now would you.”

“Can you explain Joey. I don’t get you. What has a tree got to do with a memorial?”

“Dad, it’s Fido’s tree.“

Hearing is name Fido picked up one of his ears to see if this was a new game and started jumping around, running from one of the humans to another, hoping for another doggy treat. This time there was no treat.

“Down Fido” said Joey’s dad. “This is nothing for you.”

“Of course it is dad. You can’t cut Fido’s tree down, that is just plain cruel and heartless.”

“Joey that tree is as old as your grandfather, lost a few branches over the years and its trunk is full of scratches and moss and covered with ivy. I still don’t see what Fido has to do with it.”

“Dad since Fido was a puppy that tree has been part of his, ermm, you know, sort of doggy life. Like we have rooms in the house that are part of our life, and couldn’t really do without them.”

“I don’t get you Joey.”

“Dad, what would you do if the toilet went wrong, like it got blocked up, or even taken away, stolen?”

“That is not going to happen Joey. Who is going to steal a toilet?”

“But dad, that is what you are doing to Fido.”

“Come off it Joey. Then Fido will have to find another tree, I am sure there is something suitable in the garden.”

“You mean the apple tree, dad, or the plum tree or one of the other fruit trees that mum likes so much.”

“Definitely not Joey. We eat the fruit from those trees, and certainly don’t want it garnished with dog p...s”

“Dad, don’t swear in front of Fido, you might hurt his feelings. So where is Fido going for his recycling process?”

As if by a signal Fido dashed off to the old tree, gracefully lifted one of his hind haunches and decided to mark his territory. This did not seem to impress those stupid two legged humans so he moved over to the chain saw which was now lying on the ground and christened that as well.

Thanks to Joey and Fido another tree was saved on that day.

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