Wednesday 8 August 2012

Creative Challenge #215 - Twisted

“Sorry Nera, but it’s time to get those twists and knots out of your fur. You know what that means?”

“No problem, Mrs. Human. For a brave strong cat like myself, I can grip my teeth together and let the process begin. No, just a minute, what is Mr. Human doing with those scissors?”

“Nera you said you would be a brave cat, now don’t start hissing and snarling.”

“But I though it was just a quick comb through. This looks like a complete renovation. You don’t have to scalp me, just a short trim will do the job.”

“Nera, now show your sister Tabby and apprentice Fluffy what a brave cat you are.”

“I don’t need spectators Mrs. Human. Tabby, Fluffy, go away. This is a private session and Tabby, stop snickering behind your paw. Hissssss.”

“I am not snickering Nera, well not really. I don’t know what the trouble is. Mr. Human is doing the job very well and the more you move and squeak, the more problems you will have.”

“Tabby you are a common short haired Tabby cat with a MacDonalds “M” on your forehead. If you had a cosmetic session as I have to now and then, there would be no fur left."

“Nera, I thought you was such a big brave cat.”

“Fluffy I really don’t need your comments as well Wait until it is your turn and we will see how you act.”

“I don’t have to be combed and brushed and lumps of fur removed like you Nera. I am a Selkirk Rex. You know one of those special unique cats that have curly fur. I just do not seem to be an interesting cat for snails, tics and burrs from the plants. They leave me alone. My fur renews itself on its own.”

“I noticed Fluffy, that is why you have a few bare patches now and again.”

“No problem Nera, my fur renews itself twice as thick and fine. I don’t need Mr. Human to give me a brush through.”

“So, Nera, keep still, you have to suffer to be beautiful.”

“Mrs. Human, you know what. Just keep quiet and leave me to this torture. I will survive, no problem. Hissssss.”

And with these last words we will leave Nera to her cosmetic treatment at the hands of Mr. Human, while Mrs. Human records it for her Cat pad (that story will come at a later time).

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