Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Creative Challenge #207 - Tricky

Three went for a walk over stick, over stone
It started to rain and they started to moan
“I am wet” said one, the other just coughed
The third shouted “come here, the ground is very soft”
So they lay down to rest and slept for a while
They were tired and were hungry, it was really not their style
“Who had this idea” said one to the other
“It really wasn’t me, it must have been our brother”
“I thought it would be nice and make a change” the brother said
“The next time keep your mouth shut, we just want to go to bed”
But they carried on heedless, they couldn’t be so picky
They had to cross a stream, it was becoming very tricky
And then there was movement, in the grass they saw a mouse
They wanted to stop, but was then they saw their house
They found energy to run, they reached home so much sooner
They knew a reward was waiting, three dishes of fresh tuna

It's tuna time for the cats

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