Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #134 - Illusion


It is an illusion to think that Fluffy cat is going to take a tablet every day to help him on the way to recovery after his virus infection.

“No problem” Mrs. Human was Nera’s answer. “Just let me get on with it, with a little help from my litter sister Tabby. Fluffy will take his tablets, I am sure.”

I was wondering what brought about this helpful advice from a cat whose motto is usually “I, me and myself” but as we were finding tablets under the carpet, under the table and stuck in Fluffy’s fur, where they had arrived after Fluffy refused to swallow them, I was glad of any help, and so Nera started her plan.

“Fluffy” said Nera “come here, we have a problem.”

“What’s up Nera?”

“Fluffy, you know how stupid humans are when they think they understand the higher mechanism of a feline brain. It seems you have to take tablets to help you feel better.”

“I feel fine Nera, no problem.”

“You mean that sitting in a corner listless and with eyes closed is normal.”

“Ah, you mean then. Yes it’s true I did feel a bit under the weather last week, but Mr. and Mrs. Human took me for a ride in their car to the vet and the uncle doctor prodded around on me, gave me a couple of jabs and I had to stay at his place for a while. When Mrs. and Mrs. Human picked me up again, I felt a lot better. I arrived home again by car, I just love car rides.”

“You love car rides, no cat loves car rides and the vet is not our uncle, but a person to be hated and despised and scratched if the opportunity arrives. You are not normal Fluffy, is he Nera?” was Tabby’s answer.

“Tabby, we know that Fluffy is not like us. Cats with curly fur and a crew cut hairstyle are just different. Fluffy, did you at least leave a mark at the vets place. Like a scratch or bite, something that any normal cat would do?* asked Nera.

“Not really Nera” Fluffy answered “but I did make the cage a bit wet on the way home, just to leave my scent there, and with all that infusion stuff from the vet I couldn’t wait.”

“Now we have a problem Fluffy, but if you play it right, we will all profit from it.”

“What problem?”

“You are not taking your tablets. It seems Mrs. Human is asking for help from me, being the most intelligent of the cats here.”

“Nera, you forgot to mention that Mrs. Human first of all asked on her blogging site for advice.” said Tabby.

“Yes Nera” affirmed Fluffy. “It was then that she forced the tablet into my mouth and started to blow in my face. Someone said I would swallow the tablet, but I just hid it under my tongue until she was finished blowing. Stupid ideas these human have.”

“I know Fluffy, but we felines just have to humour them from time to time.”

“Did they try the trick of forcing your mouth open, popping the pill in and then stroking your throat to make sure it would go down.”

“Oh yes, Tabby, Mr. and Mrs. Human tried that one as well, but luckily I spit the pill out before the neck stroking bit started.”

“Fluffy” said Nera “Mrs. Human has now asked for my help, so you will now do what I tell you.“

“I am sure this is going to be fun. Nera you have never swallowed a pill in your life. Mr. and Mrs. Human always had to take you to the vets for a jab instead.”

“Tabby, there are reasons that I do not swallow pills. It is degrading for a cat of my higher position. So Fluffy tomorrow you will receive your pill crushed into a portion of tuna fish and you will eat it.”

“Yuck Nera, the tuna tastes so chemical with pills crushed into it.”

“Fluffy, would you  like three portions of tuna fish, one with a chemical taste and two others with the usual feline touch.”

“Of course Nera”

“Then eat your tuna with a crushed pill and you can sample some of mine and Tabby’s as a reward without a pill.”

“But Nera, how do you know that Mrs. Human will crush my pill in the tuna?”

“Just leave that up to me and my feline intelligence Fluffy.”

Nera came to me with a suggestion in the evening. She said I should crush Fluffy’s pill in a portion of tuna fish.

“Are you sure he will eat the tuna Nera?” I asked.

“No problem, Mrs. Human, I will make sure he eats it.”

It worked. Fluffy ate her tuna with the pill like a brave cat. Of course I was so pleased with Nera, that she also got an extra portion of tuna. I could not leave Tabby out, so she got an extra portion as well. Was it an illusion or did I see Nera give a wink to Tabby and Fluffy as I served the tuna fish and Fluffy was even allowed to eat from Tabby’s and Nera’s dish as well. Strange!
Nera planning a web site

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