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Blog a Day No. 20 - Creative Writer's Challenge #87 - The Return of Ceasar

Scene 1 – On Board a ship in the harbor of Londinium, Anglia

Ceasar Junior: At last my target is achieved. Bring forth my toga. I will venture on the streets of Ceasarium to see my father’s achievements. It has been twenty years gone since a Roman visited the shores of this colony of blond haired blue eyed natives. Marcus Antonius, you will guide me. Your presence was with my father on his first journey and you would know the natives and their ways. 

Marcus Antonius: ‘Tis true my emperor. Since the day of your father’s demise and my revenge upon his assassins, I have not wanted more than to visit these shores again and breathe the air of the Angles. 

Scene 2 – The streets of Ceasarium

Marcus Antonius: Make way for your emperor, subjects.

Anglo: And who are you to call me subject. I am a rightful person to be here. A citizen of Londinium. What have you for a fancy dress on your shoulders?Where are your leg covers and frock? Art thou an actor fit for a role on the stage of comedy?

Crowd of Anglos: Ha, ha, ha. What a motley crew they are, wearing clothes to suit a wench.

Ceasar Junior: You dare to laugh at your emperor and his chief of centurions. We come here to organize the colony of Ceasarium and to take possession of what is rightfully ours. Direct the way to your leader in his palace.

Anglo: We have no leader. It is the King of Londinium, that we rightfully have. Our King does live up on the hill in his palace overlooking this city of Londinium. We know not of Ceasarium, where be it, it stands that some 25 years ago there was a man known as Julius Ceasar who did arrive on a ship from a foreign shore with his men, known as Romans. They came to our town, but we men were sly and left before their plundering. Our womenfolk followed instructions and did lay with the men to bring them from their senses. Hence you may see many angles now with such brown eyes and dark hair. Their fair skin is no longer so fair, but their hearts beat with the pride of Anglia and we are proud of the sacrifices of the wenches of our town. 

Marcus Antonius: Dogs of the gutters of Londinium, you stain the memory of our beloved emperor. This is his son, of 25 annus. He did never know his father well, being only 5 when he was assassinated and now he has come to claim his rightful Empire again, as his father many years ago. Lead the way to the impostor that calls himself King.

Anglo: You may mount the hill to the villa on top. Tis one of the buildings that the Roman scum built before they disappeared from this town.

Ceasar Junior: Our Roman folk are no longer??

Anglo: They are here, but many became assimilated to the Anglo way, that they renounced their Roman source.
Ceasar Junior: Enough of this woman’s talk. We will enter our villa and be done with the impostor known as King.

Scene 3 – The Villa on the Hill

Guardian of the Door: Who be there?

Marcus Antonius: We be here, your rightful Emperor Ceasar Junior and his Centurion Marcus Antonius. We come to claim our throne as rightful possessors of Ceasarium.

King Jo: What is this speech that I hear Guardian. Who are these homo sapiens. A travelling theater troop come to play for the King’s benefit?

Ceasar Junior: I be the rightful Emperor to this colony of Ceasarium with my faithful centurion Marcus Antonius. We are honorable men, we are not playing for your love of theater. Our dress shows our status in this life that we lead.
Marcus Antonius: Make room for your rightful Emperor in your villa. So it seems these walls were formed by Roman hands, and now we Romans are taking our rightful place in its halls.

King Jo: There be a mistake here methinks. We know not of a Ceasarium. You find yourselves in Londinium, our town of Anglos. Our fair hair and blue eyes may be waining, but our hearts beat with the church bells of Londonium.

Ceasar Junior: Church bells. What foreign word is this? Where are the statues of Apollo, Diana and Mercury? I see no such symbols of our gods in this heathen land.

King Jo: They are put away in the cellars. One day they may be exhibited in a museum to show what was, but today we live with our own Gods. If you wish to stay within the walls of our town, you are welcome. Ceasar Junior, I believe we are half brother and we Anglos have respect for our families. My mother would have pride to meet a son of her ex-maritus.
Ceasar Junior: We accept your invitation. Your mother has married again?

King Jo: My mother is married to many, but not married to any.
Cleo: Brother heart, who are these dark haired olive skinned men. They have charm about them and their dress is most delicate. They are actors for our entertainment this evening?

King Jo: Cleo this is my half brother Ceasar Junior, son of my father. He has come to visit us. To spend relaxing days on his vacation in Londinium.

Ceasar Junior: Who is this almond eyed wench with the black locks of hair to frame her countenance. 

King Jo: Ceasar, tis my half sister Cleo, fathered by an Egyptian slave belonging to your father and her mother being that of myself. Cleo say hello to the son of Julius Ceasar.

Cleo: Methinks this son of Julius is a fine figure of a man. Dressed in leg clothes and shirt he would deem fit to be shown with me.

Scene  4 – Night in Ceasar Junior’s bedroom

Cleo: Make place in this bed Ceasar, you are my fancy.

Ceasar Junior: Thou art also right for my whim, damsel. 

Scene 5 – 6 months later on board the ship in the Thames.

Marcus Antonius: Well Ceasar, art thou satisfied with your holiday in Londinium

Ceasar Junior: Marcus, my loins have been satisfied to an extent that I would never have realized. Is Cleo comfortable in her cabin upon this ship.
Marcus Antonius: My emperor she is very happy. You have made a perfect choice of bridal goods. Your late father would be proud of you. His dream was to marry a queen of Egypt.

Ceasar Junior: Yes Marcus, I believe our conquering of Anglia was a very fruitful enterprise. I am sure that the next emperor of our Roman Empire will have the almond eyes of his mother.

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