Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blog a Day No. 2 - Creative Challenge #210 - Ground

Nera and Tabby

"Tabby, Nera, walk on the grass and not on the earth, your fur will be full of dirt" although telling my cats to do something human sensible is usually a lost cause.

"Mrs. Human" called Nera "we are just marking our territory. Don't want any of those straying smelly cats around here."

"Neither do I Nera, but you and Tabby don't always smell like roses either, especially when you are marking your territory."

"It's all a matter of interpretation Mrs. Human. You and Mr. Human have a nice little room, and afterwards it just disappears, but we cats leave a mark to be remembered. Now only yesterday, Bobinette the cat next door was in your garden and left rather a large mark and I am sure you didn't even notice it."

"No, I didn't Nera, where?"

"Have a dig around under the apple tree and you will find it."

So silly Mrs. Human did as she was told and found Bobinette's large mark and disposed of it in the garbage.

"Why do you throw it away Mrs. Human?" asked Tabby.

"Because it is spoiling my ground Tabby" was my answer.

"I hope you don't throw our territory markings away" was the answer, "we work hard to draw the line."

And then Fluffy appeared on the scene. "They are right Mrs. Human, without those territory markings I would not find the way so well being blind, that is why I always spray the pampas grass in the middle of the garden."

"Your do what Fluffy?"

"Spray the Pampas grass, see how nice and high it grows."

I decided to end the conversation, otherwise other things might appear that would not suit me. I must admit that a certain corner in the garden did smell a bit strong sometimes on a hot summer's day, but I of course put it down to the other 12 cats that live in the area. What is the moral of this story: cats have a purpose in everything they do.


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