Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blog a day /No. 1


So, how did we start the day? Switch on computer, measure blood sugar, have breakfast and then a quick look at the clock. Yes it was ten minutes past eight in the morning, time to call the dentist to see if could take another patient in between in the morning. Not that I have a longing to see dentists, but after having problems with a certain tooth all week-end I found a visit would reassure me to say the least. I could have started this blog with a super x-ray photo that cost me 350 swiss francs with a special unique machine in the dental section of the main hospital in the town of Bern in Switzerland. It was a super photo, looked like something from the chamber of horrors with details of bone structure and teeth and even in shades of brown, but no. I will not show it here, not exactly suitable for the squeamish.

Instead there is a photo of the street in Solothurn where my dentist is, the second bicycle on the left is parked just near the entrance. I was greeted by my dentist's son, who is also a dentist. Dad only now works in the afternoon since he gave his practice over to the son. I must say both excellent dentists and my dental fate does lie in very good hands. After an examination and another x-ray, at my request, the dentist confirmed that there was nothing really gravely wrong, as I do have problems with the sinus and that is causing the trouble. Even my dentist has similar problems and he reassured me, but did say it would be better to remove the tooth, although he will talk it over with dad, as dad is actually my dentist usually. Anyhow not going into more details. Mr. Swiss picked me up, after doing the daily shopping for me and I went home to cook lunch.

It had been raining on and off all day so I decided no big rush to do anything. Had my senior citizen after lunch nap and as it was Monday I cleaned the shower. A 30 minute job once a week.

It had stopped raining in the meanwhile so had a reading sojourn out on the patio. Quite a good read actually. I also belong to a literature group on auntie Internet and we are having a sort of collective read of Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.

Son No. 2 phoned to say he would call tomorrow, in the evening in time to join us for the evening food at hotel mama. He had been travelling around in the world in his job somewhere in Europe but is now back home again and tomorrow is his birthday.

My cats decided to do a sleep marathon as it was not cat weather for a walkabout,

So join me tomorrow again for another exciting day in the world of blog and senior citizen existence 

Nera contemplating

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