Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A blog a Day No. 8 - Creative Riters Corner #86 - A Deadly Secret

Write a story or narrative poem which you tell mostly through dialogue.  Keep all descriptions or other non-dialogue writing to a minimum. 

"Is that deep enough?“

"No way. I told you to make sure that you could not see any outlines or evidence. If was walking past I would definitely stop to have a closer look.”

“You mean I should make a new hole and even deeper?”

“Yes, of course. You have to make sure that no traces are visible of what we have done. Someone might dig it up.”

“Don’t call it an “it”, it is disrespectful.”

“Then what do you suggest, him or her? Forget it, it is dead material, no breath or movement to prove otherwise. So now start digging again.”

“Why don’t you dig if you know everything better?”

“Because I am older and it is not my first time: you have to learn how to do it properly.”

“OK, ok, but this is dirty work. And by the way we are being watched.”

“Being watched!”

“Those two on the other side of the path, I can see them hiding between the bushes.”

“No problem, keep digging.”

“No problem, if they see what we are doing they will tell others and then we are in deep trouble.”

They will not tell others, they have too much respect for me. All I have to do is open my mouth and they will run: look.”

“Well I never, they have gone. You certainly know the tricks of the trade.”

“This is not a trade, but one of our deeply hidden secrets. If anyone would break the oath, you might have to dig a second hole, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh! and now, is that hole deep and wide enough?”

“That will do. Throw it in and bury it well, we don’t want any bad smells seeping to the surface. That would attract too much unwanted attention. We now go home and if anyone asks where you were, just say you were sniffing around in town.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the path two figures appeared

“What do you think they were doing? Looked suspicious to me.”

“It was fairly obvious. They were burying something that we should not know about, something very secretive.”

“Do you think......?”

“I don’t think, I know.”

“So what was it?”

“Use your head. Those two dogs were burying a bone. Stupid animals really that have have to make such a ceremony and secret about it.”

“Why did we have to disappear when that big dog barked.”

“One thing we cats have is common sense. If a dog is in barking distance, then disappear. So let’s go home, I am sure there is a tasty plate of tuna fish waiting for us. Who needs to hide a bone?

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