Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Blog a Day No. 27 - Starring Tabby

“It’s alive“

“What’s alive Mrs. Human?” asked my three cats with a puzzled look on their faces, which does not often happen.

“I was trying something out on the computer with my blog and it worked.”

“Just a minute Mrs. Human, you mean that film of me in the bathroom where I was getting high on catnip. Those were a few private moments between me and my catnip. So how come you show it to everyone now.”, Tabby stamping her paws just a little bit excited.

“It’s quite simple Tabby. Mr. Swiss has now got a camcorder or whatever it is and I was trying out to see if I could put my films into my blog from my photo site and it works.”

“Does that mean that we are now going to be filmed all day, like when we are eating, sleeping, washing – all those intimate moments that us felines like to do in private. How would you like it if we started filming you humans when you are sleeping, and washing and show it all to thousands of people in this Multiply world.” said Nera

“That’s different Nera.“


“Since when is that word "why" in your meow vocabulary. I didn’t think it existed for felines.”

“We learn Mrs. Human, we learn.” So what’s the big deal suddenly. Those films are not new.”

“I am preparing for my filming life on the computer. Next week I get a second computer for my videos.”

“Oh great, Mrs. Human, can we use it as well.?”

So I ended the conversation before more harm was done. 

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