Wednesday 8 August 2012

A Blog a Day No. 17 - Part 2 of the iPhone Adventure

My iPhone progress 

The Swisscom found me and sent me a message congratulating me to my new phone and wanted more money for my communications. Thought it over (can I afford it and is it worth it??). Took a walk to the shop and said yesssss, but if I have to pay more I decided I wanted my money's worth. Bought a new iPhone (the same as Mr. Swiss has, Series 4). Found a nice cover for it with a union jack on it (because I tend to drop things) and am now a happy bunny.

Includes free calls and SMS (to a certain amount and I will never exceed it in a month) and free surfing (wow). I have a new toy - Mr. Swiss doesn't like the tune it plays when I get mail, but I do. I have spanish guitars when I get a call and it moves, but I still don't always notice it. I can even read my books on it from
Kindle (no stopping me now that I have discovered the apps).

I have a bit of a problem with the touch pad, my fingers seem to be too big, or perhaps the touching things are too small. Anyhow practice makes perfect. I even sent a message to my facebook colleagues. Probably my first and my last. Wonder if I can do it on Multiply? I am becoming a cyber pensioner. I haven't yet found out how to send a picture to a web site, but I am sure I will discover that eventually.

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