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MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #120: EastEnders

Wrath's Challenge

Write a synopsis for your own episode of a favorite television program, past or present.

It seems that no-one has ventured with a piece of writing on this subject yet, so here is mine. This is not easy and unless anyone really knows the complete background to the story being told, it could be a bit boring and uninteresting. Anyhow here is mine: The East Enders – A British BBC production shown three times during the week, each episode lasting thirty minutes.

We have a fictitious area in the East End of London known as Walford. It could just as well be where I grew up, but life was long not so exciting as the events that take place around Albert Square. Many families live in this area, all seem to be intertwined with each other, through marriage or relationship. Lost and forgotten relations suddenly arrive, money is lost and gained and now and again someone might die through natural causes, or even a murder might be committed. I am not sure if this television soap/telenovela has ever been shown outside of England. I live in Switzerland and we have cable tv so get most of the programmes in Europe (about two hundred all together). This is about the only programme I ever really watch or follow on the television. So here we go.

The situation is that Peggy Mitchell is the owner of the local pub called The Queen Vic. She has been married a few times and one of her sons is Phil Mitchell. Phil has quite a colourful life behind him. In earlier days had quite a reputation as a gangster, also owns a garage and has been married twice, son Ben (about 12 years old) being a product of one of the marriages. At the moment Phil is single, a man in late middle ages, not exactly the best looking, but with a certain charm. He would have liked to have seen his son become a footballer or something in the macho direction, but unfortunately Ben has decided to become a dancer and takes lessons. Phil has been through a few relationships with women, but to my taste he has not been together with the right woman. One disaster was meeting a woman, Lisa Fowler, some time ago and deciding to marry her On the day of the marriage Phil found out that she had been mistreating Ben. There was a real show at the wedding ending with Phil’s almost wife jumping from the roof of a high building and killing herself. After this Phil started drinking again. Phil is actually an alcoholic which is not a very good illness for the son of a pub owner.

Anyhow during this time Shirley Carter arrives on the scene She was once married to one of the inhabitants of Albert square but deserted him after a few years of marriage, leaving him with three children to bring up. Only one of the children was from her husband at the time, the other two from various men she had met. Shirley has become a bit more sensible with the years, and you could describe her as the “tart with the heart of gold”. Shirley starts working at The Queen Vic as a barmaid and gets to know Phil. According to the story line of the East Enders Phil wants to know nothing of Shirley. Yes, they did spend the night together once, but for Phil it was a one time thing. For Shirley, also , but it is a fact that the character of Shirley would be that to suit Phil. Unfortunately the writers of the series decided that Phil would not come together with Shirley and so Phil gets to know Max Branning’s sister, another inhabitant of the square. Now this sister Suzy Branning, is a bit of a loose woman and is just out to make some money. Shirley decides to prove to Phil that Suzy is lying when she says that she is expecting a baby from Phil. Phil does not believe Shirley. Everything would have been so much better when Phil had believed this. He would then have seen that Shirley would be much better suited to him as a wife and Suzy would not have made such a fool of Phil. Eventually Suzy leaves, but not without Shirley having a fight with her and winning. In the story Phil and Shirley do not come together and still work together in The Queen Vic Pub at the bar. Phil’s son Ben loves Shirley as she is the only person that really understands him and would love her to become his mother, but Phil does not want to know anything about a relationship with Shirley. This is the situation at the moment. It would have been so much better if Shirley and Phil had fallen in love with each other and got married. Ben would have been a lot happier and Shirley would have been the right person for Phil.

I could go on for ages about the intricate details of The East Enders. It is the only real series that interests me in television, otherwise most of the television evenings are spent watching German detective series or reading a book. I know this small synopsis is a bit of a mix-up, so for those that would like to know more (and I am sure there are none) here is a link to the series. EastEnders

United Friends Challenge #120: EastEnders

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