Saturday, 21 February 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #41: Justice????

Fluffy and Nera

"There is just no justice left in the feline world" Fluffy my little white curly cat was complaining. "After staying at home for a day waiting for it to stop snowing, I just wanted to have a nibble at the pampas grass and Nera was already there. She wouldn't let me have my share."
"What do you expect Fluffy" Nera heard the complaint and came wobbling along (latest weight entry was six kilos which is quite heavy for a 7 year old cat) "I was first out in the garden and so I got the first choice of a chew on the pampas grass."
"But cats" I intervened "there is enough pampas grass for everyone."
"Cats do not share Mrs. Human" said Nera "what we have, we have, first come first served, as we say."
"That does not sound very fair to me" I said
"Actually she is right" answered Fluffy "Nera was there first and so I had to wait, but sometimes I don't want to wait."
"Exactly Mrs. Human and that is why I swiped Fluffy on the nose with my paw, just to make sure she learns the cat rules properly. After all what are you humans to tell us how to behave. You are always squabbling and arguing about something somewhere in the world."
I was going to answer that remark, but then I thought it over. Cats might be cats, but they do not give such silly answers sometimes.
"It's the tuna fish equation" Mrs. Human, continued Nera
"So what is the tuna fish equation?" I asked.
And Nera began to explain. "We are three cats, right? Me the biggest, most beautiful, most wise and first born."
"Nera that was only because you pushed me when we arrived." Tabby Nera's litter sister joined in. "I would have been the first one out but you gave me a push with your back leg and so I arrived second."
"Tabby, that is just a triviality, don't bother me with such small details."
"Nera that is not a small detail. It was a pure proof of your injustice. I should have arrived first and become the boss cat."
"But you did not, and I did, so that is an end to the conversation. I will now continue withe the tuna fish equation. Once a week Mr. Human prepares three plates of tuna fish and puts them on the ground. What happens afterwards?" and Nera stared at the other two cats with a masterful look on her face.
"We eat tuna fish" answered Fluffy.
"I agree" said Tabby, "although we don't eat as quickly as Nera I suppose."
"Of course not Tabby and Fluffy, because I am the boss cat and have to have a sniff around to see where the best and most tuna fish is. When I decide on my choice I eat and then you are allowed to eat. So that is the tuna fish equation, 1 dish tuna + 1 dish tuna + 1 dish tuna = 3 dishes tuna for Nera to have a taste and decide who gets the first pick."
"Exactly as I said Nera, if we want to get our noses in first we get a jab of your paw in our face, that is not justice, just plain unfair."
"Fluffy I told you there is no injustice in the cat world, just a matter of survival of the most intelligent and strongest and a clever interpretation of the situation. Do we now agree?" asked Nera. Tabby decided that it was better to let Nera win the argument for peace sake and Fluffy as the youngest just had to follow.

When I saw the subject of this challenge was justice, I found this a difficult theme. Justice is a matter of interpretation, as my cats just proved. For every case of injustice you might think to find in the world today, there will be someone who will interpret the causes and results from their point of view and find that justice has been done. It just depends on the side you are on.


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