Thursday, 12 February 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #118: Inner Demons

Rjamp's Challenge

Write a short story or poem on your inner weakness (or inner demons). Using this statment to start it...
I look in the mirror and I see ....

I look in the mirror and I see
a woman quite old, I think that is me
Her grey hair and eyes reflecting the past
so what can I tell you, please don’t be downcast
My first husband was not handsome but had plenty of money
he believed all my lies which I thought was quite funny
He died in his sleep, I helped on the way
Just a small dose of poison, does wonders they say
I was then very happy, my life it was soaring
but spending money alone was a little bit boring
One day I married Fred, he had charm and was fine
There was only one problem, he spent money that was mine
I remember the accident so well, it was bad
The brakes on the car failed, as a widow I was sad
Poor Fred did not last long, but what could I do
My money was less, I had to renew
It was then that my third husband appeared on the scene
He was ideal, and old, so again I was mean
I forgot to tell you he was rich and his oil wells were many
But this time I was lucky, I had not to pay a penny
When you are old the heart can be weak
I did practically nothing, a reason please do not seek
One morning he awoke and fell down the stair
It was judged as an accident, just a private affair
The years have gone by, looking back on it all
life has really been good to me, and now I have Paul
Paul is so young and looks after me well
Sometimes I have doubts, but you can never tell
I was once very young and had some ideas
That is one of the reasons that Paul gives me fears
In the meanwhile I am happy, my will has been made
I must tell it to Paul that his interest does not fade
Should death take me by surprise, an accident or such
Then Paul will be left without very much
During life I have learnt that you cannot depend on just love
One day it will happened that we look down from above
We all have our demons they are hidden inside
Its good to have money and the men will provide

United Friends Challenge #118: Inner Demons

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