Friday, 13 February 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #40: One minute at a time

Cat Footprints in the snow February 2009

How can life go past one minute at a time
When today life is stress, and not even mine
The day must begin so early in the morning
Perhaps work is awaiting, no time left for yawning
A quick cup of coffee, and a bite perhaps to eat
The minutes go fast, I am now on my feet
On my way to my workplace as fast as I can
Over red lights, skipping traffic, oh world what a plan
It’s now time for shopping, we do not live from air
It’s lunchtime, grab a bite, watch the clock, how unfair
Back to work, time is passing, I wish I was home
I think I am getting the timeless syndrome


When I look at my cats, just sleeping all day
They understand life, being stressed does not pay
When I start to despair, I have to sit down
I would like to relax, do away with the frown
Outside it had snowed, I was cold to the bone
Then what did I see, now something had grown
Although it is February and time is so bold
I saw the first crocus despite all the cold
It was then that I realised that life was in rhyme
Nature knows what it does, one minute at a time

The first crocus February 2009

Creative Challenge #40: One minute at a time

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