Saturday, 17 January 2009

MULTIPLY Writing Prompt#2: Diary

Day one
New town, new job, new life – at least that is what I hope for. The hospital is much smaller than the last one where I worked, but the people are very nice. I was welcomed and put to work in the emergency ward. I like emergencies, they are so exciting and surprising and you never know what is round the corner. I met Doctor Williams, although everyone calls him Jim. He has such a friendly smile and a soothing way. I noticed that the patients are completely relaxed in his care which is a great help when working on emergency cases. He even told me to call him Jim; me, a newcomer, just an ordinary nurse on my first day. Of course, everyone else was helpful, but Jim really took care of me. Showed me where everything was, introduced me to the other members of the department and told me if I have any problems just to call on him, although I don’t think I could tell him about my problems. They would not be of interest, and I am trying to forget them myself.

Day two
There was a car accident today, and we had four casualties. It was not such a pretty sight, but things like that just do not bother me. Jim, Doctor Williams, told me if it was too much I should tell him and he would organise a transfer to another department where things were less hectic. I told him I was ok and was used to a busy life. The last thing I wanted was a transfer to another department. He actually called me into his office and I saw a photo on his desk. It must have been his wife. Now that could be a problem, but I am sure I will deal with it in my own way.

Day three
Things were quieter today so I had more time to get to know people. Jane is another nurse in the emergency and we had a coffee together. I managed to start a conversation about Jim, after all I know really nothing about him. Jane told me that his wife was a doctor in the surgical ward, mostly dealing with operated patients. She also said she was a very nice person, although that did not interest me. It seems that Dr. Jim Williams is a great classical music fan, especially Verdi operas. I registered that, might become useful.

Day four
Today I had a free afternoon and paid a visit to the local library to borrow some books on Verdi and his operas. I also bought some records. No exactly my taste, but I can live with it. The things you do to get a life.

Day five
Almost my first week finished her and am enjoying it very much. Tomorrow I have a free day and then it will be night duty. Jim is also doing the night shift, but only next week. I must try to remain on night duty as well. Today Jim asked me how I was settling down and I told him very well, although I was not so much used to life in a small town. He asked me what caused me bother and I naturally said that this town had no music theatre. Of course when he asked the sort of music I told him I prefer classical, operas of course. I also met Jim’s wife today. She called in at emergency to pick up a patient that was to be operated. I was very nice to her and gave her one of my winning smiles. I think she fell for it as she smiled back.

Day six
I spent the day at home reading about Verdi operas and listening to the music. If only Jim was with me listening as well, I am sure the day would have been less boring. I tried to sleep, imagining that Jim was curled up next to me. That trick always works and I was in dreamland in no time. I arrived for my first night shift. I was on my own. We had a couple of emergencies, mostly survivors of bar fights. It was Saturday night and there is always something to do. I noticed Jim was available on emergency call, if anything went wrong. I managed to take a coffee in the restaurant and Jim’s wife was there. Of course, I took a seat at her table and started a conversation about this and that. When she wasn’t looking I managed to slip a tranquiliser in her coffee. Poor Mrs. Jim was found sleeping at her desk early in the morning and was sent home. The plan begins.

Day/Night seven
Things are now happening fast and furious. At the moment my attention is mostly on Mrs. Jim, although it is sometimes difficult to get away from emergency. Keeping her within sight is no so difficult. She often picks up her patients from our department. She had an accident today. Slipped on a patch of oil on the floor and broke her leg. Now how did that happen? She is now a patient in the hospital. Of course, she was at once admitted to emergency and Jim came straight away. Jim likes me; after all we have the same music taste and put me in charge of looking after his wife until she was admitted into the ward. I had to give her an infusion, no problem. Perhaps it wasn’t what the doctor ordered, but it put her to sleep for the time being. Oh dear in the middle of the night she was awake and shaking – back to emergency and then the helicopter came and took her to another hospital, that was more capable of dealing with such emergencies

Night eight
I met Jane today and we naturally started discussing Mrs. Jim’s bad luck, although it was a lot worse than we thought. It seems she had too much insulin in her body (now how did she get that?), and was now in the ward for serious cases at the town hospital. It seems there was not great hope that she will survive. Dr. Jim was supposed to be doing night shift with me tonight, but he was at the central hospital in town at his wife’s side; how sad.

A week later
Oh diary I have been so busy. Dr. Jim’s wife passed away and he has not come to work, probably grieving at home over his loss. Today he was back in emergency again. Of course, we all offered our complete sympathy. It seems he is now working regularly, but that is usual. It does tend to take the mind off such serious problems.

The next day
I had a coffee with Dr. Jim. It just so happened, a coincidence, and we started a discussion about one of the Verdi operas, Macbeth. I told him it was my favourite; it really was, Lady Macbeth somehow fascinates me. Anyhow he said there was a performance at the opera hall in our nearest large town. I, of course, mentioned I would love to go and whether he would be going as well. He said it was a bit soon after his wife’s death. I told him I understood, but we could meet somewhere in the town and nobody needed to know, especially as that town was at least an hour’s drive from where we lived. There was not a big chance of anyone seeing us together. It would do him good to get out of the house and I would love to see the opera.

Next Saturday
Dr. Jim called me to his office and gave me a ticket to watch Macbeth at the opera house. He said he would meet me at the entrance in the evening. I was overjoyed. How clever I am. The first part of the plan was working. When I think back on things I have been a very lucky girl. My last job did not work so well as there were too many examinations made on the corpse and the police got suspicious. I then decided it was time to leave and start a new life in another town. Luckily the authorities never look so close into the documents and I have become quite a good forger over the years. My best luck was when I worked at the stables. The stable owner was so good looking and we almost got married. All I had to do was to give his wife’s favourite horse some wake-up medicine. The horse became really wild and when the owner’s wife wanted to take a ride she caught her foot in the stirrup as the horse shook her off his back. Poor woman was dragged through the undergrowth at least a mile. The horse was immediately shot afterwards, and who does a post mortem on a horse. The problem was the stable owner. He already had a mistress and she got suspicious, so it was a change of life and job again.

But back to Dr. Jim. I am really looking forward to my visit to the opera this evening. I am sure it will be the beginning of something new in my life.

Writing Prompt #2: Diary

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