Friday, 16 January 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #36: Peaceful is the Night


A layer of dark lay over the land
the night had come, and peace was in hand
someone was stirring alone in her bed
Nera the cat stretched out her head
“I’m ready to go and examine the night
Come Tabby wake up the time is now right”
Tabby her sister was ready to go
“How is the weather Nera, I hope there’s no snow”
“No Tabby it’s fine, the mice are a creeping
We must go straight away, it is finished with sleeping
“What about me” came a voice from below
“I want to come too, I won’t be so slow”
It was Fluffy awake and sharpening her paws
“No Fluffy” said Nera, “not out of the doors”
“She is right” answered Tabby “you’re not able to see
it can be very dangerous , we do not agree”
Fluffy was sad, she had no real fright
“I want to come to, it must be nice in the night.”
Then Tabby and Nera discussed it together
They decided to take Fluffy, it was now or never.
Nera walked in front, she was the boss
And Tabby behind, that he didn’t get lost.
Fluffy in between, to keep him in line
he was so happy and thought it so fine
They walked through the fields smelling the air as they went
Fluffy was happy, it was for him an annual event
“Look there is a mouse, and there a large rat
and Fluffy pounced on them, he was a real cat”
The others were surprised at Fluffy’s brave catch
“how come you are blind and a mouse you can snatch?”
“No problem” said Fluffy, “I see with my ears
I smell with my nose, the mouse just appears”
The cats walked down the path, they followed their noses
They climbed over hedges and under some roses
A mouse disappeared in the ground down a hole
“Was that a mouse Nera, or was it a mole”
Nera looked at Tabby and just shook her head,
“if that is a problem you should have stayed in your bed”
The night was so peaceful the cats had some fun
But the sun was arising it was time for a run
to their home they went and climbed back to their beds
The daylight had come and they put down their heads
Just Fluffy was wake he was proud of the night
He had smelt all the fun and could see without light
A blind cat can see with his nose and his ears
He was ready for the next trip, he had no more fears.

Creative Challenge #36: Peaceful is the night

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