Friday, 2 January 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #34: Symphony

Organ St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

When Beethoven wrote it, his hearing was diminished
So symphony No. 10 just remained so unfinished
Schuberts was better, No. 8 was so short
I wanted it longer he probably thought
But Schubert had left us before it was played
It was not the intention, he would rather have stayed
Bizet had problems, he was lost for the end
He had no idea how to finish and went round the bend
Borodin was lazy and just kept it short
To write more to the symphony, he gave it no thought
Bruckner was unlucky his overture got lost
three movements survived, his nerves it did cost
Mahler’s No. 10 was almost full in print
But there exist only two movements, the rest was just a hint
Tschaikovsky started one but decided to rewrite
It was a concerto but his mind had a fight
A piano concerto he wrote, but a symphony was needed
He decided to rewrite, and his symphony succeeded
Bach wrote a fugue, his sons had it printed
It was for piano, but a symphony was hinted
It was then rearranged, for orchestra completed
It was a success and from all it was greeted
So a symphony is great, of music the best
And after my lesson I will let the history rest.

Creative Challenge #34: Symphony

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