Thursday, 1 January 2009

The First Day of the New Year 2009

New Year's day 2008 with snow in the garden

This is how it started in our part of the world, Switzerland. On New Years Eve it started snowing. We already had very cold weather before the snow came, -3/-4° C, so the ground was nice and cold. As soon as the snow hit the ground it froze and there was a nice layer of ice to begin with. We managed to get our shopping done on that day with no great difficulty although it was snowing all day. Yesterday evening our sons were out in town until early in the morning celebrating the New Year and we were glad that they did not go with a car, as town is within walking distance.

Today we were all at home and very glad that we did not have to go anywhere. The roads had a nice layer of ice covered with snow and it was very dangerous. There were many car accidents in our part of Switzerland. My Mr. Swiss took a walk to the container where we live, just down the path, to deposit some rubbish. He said it was just pure ice and he had to hold on something that he did not fall down.

Today it didn't snow but we had freezing temperatures all day and it will probably stay like that until next week. I hope that things improve a bit before I go back to work on Monday.

My cats are quite annoyed that everything is covered in snow as they do not like it, although my big black cat did venture out when it was snowing. Here is proof with a photo - and she has snow in her fur.

Nera with snow

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