Saturday, 13 December 2008

My Cat's Catmas


Twas the night before Catmas, the cats were at home
Outside it was snowing, did not want to roam
The humans were sleeping, the house it was still
but outside a noise came from over the hill
"Come Tabby" called Nera "and Fluffy as well
There is someone outside and he is ringing the bell"
The cats were astonished outside in the snow
there was a large sleigh, it did not want to go
It was pulled by six cats of a very large size
The cat leading the group had very large eyes
He was dressed in a red coat and had a red cap
He knocked at the door with a very loud rap
“I heard that three cats do live in this house
So now let me in, I might bring you a mouse”


Nera opened the door, she was really quite pleased
“so come in Santacat before you are freezed"
“Oh Nera and Fluffy just look who is here”
said Tabby “its Santacat bringing some cheer”.
“Hello my three cats, I would have been sooner,
but had many cat visits to make with the tuna
So tell me my cats, have you been good through the year
It is only the good cats that don’t have to fear.
Nera I heard you are vain and think you’re the best
please be a lot kinder next year to the rest”
“Oh Santa I will, please be sure, I’ll be kind
although Tabby and Fluffy say they do not mind"
“Tabby you sleep in the room with the bath
The humans don’t like that you are always in their path.”
“Yes Santa I am sorry but in that room it’s so warm
I know humans don’t like that, they make such a storm”

Fluffy and Tabby

“And Fluffy you want to go out on your own
That is not so good, you cannot see when alone”
“Oh Santa I know that and will follow the rest
and now come in Santa and please be our guest”
The cats were so happy that Santacat came
They even got catnip and presents with their name
They were each given a parcel their face bore a grin
In the parcel was tuna packed in a tin
“So cats you are fine and your fur is like silk
My sleighcats are thirsty, do you have any milk?”
“Of course we do Santa please take what you need
and thank you for coming; we will have a great feed"
Santacat left them and went on his way
Nera, Tabby and Fluffy just waved to the sleigh
After their feast they all went to sleep
That cats and their catmas is a secret to keep


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