Monday, 15 December 2008

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse Week 12: A Letter to Santa

Christmas Tree, Solothurn, 2008

Dear Santa

The years have gone past and I have been told
That for Santa’s visit I am now too old
But I still have wishes for all of us here
That life could be peaceful and have much more cheer

This world has grown older but nothing is learned
We still fight each other, for peace we have yearned
So please bring this gift of love for all others
To greet all the people as if they were brothers

When I was younger I wanted a toy
Just this present alone would give me great joy
As the years have gone past, I need this no longer
My wants for the world have become a lot stronger

No hunger more for people of this world
The wants and the needs should now be unfurled
That money is spent on the things we should get
to let us survive, for our hopes to be met

A rocket to the moon does not make me fine
The best things are free, so bring some sunshine
We spend money on items that have no real meaning
A drug or a mink coat, on this luxury we are leaning

Let us wake up and see where it leads
It is time for the truth, look after our needs
Oh Santa I was young and believed in your power
For me you were all, a support and a tower

Now I am old and you are a dream
Perhaps these words remain nothing, a joke it may seem
But one day we hope that this life will be better
And perhaps all will come true that I wrote in this letter

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