Monday, 6 October 2008

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse: Weekly Topic 2: Happy Times

mum in garden

Where is the happiness of the baby?
In the mother’s arms
I was secure and safe
protected by her charms

I grew up but not too much
to leave my nest at home
the chick still needed food
and did not want to roam

Security was everything
My mother taught me all
but the ties were no longer strong
I had to break the wall

I left my home and wandered
away to another land
everything was different
Nothing organised, nothing planned

I was still happy and was free
but needed something more
I met the answer to my search
When a man opened up the door

The days they came, the years passed on
The children arrived and grew
They were happy in their mothers arms
with all the love they knew

My happy time will never end
life has been good to me
the circle closes with all I need
I have my family tree.

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