Sunday, 5 October 2008

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #21: Unspoken Looks

Nera looking through the window

What does Nera want to say
Perhaps just come out and play
Her eyes are pleading, begging for fun
I know what she wants, she just wants to run
For a titbit of fine feline food
She seems to be in the mood
I approach her, she moves in her silky stealth
Please throw it and watch I can catch it myself
The tit bit has changed to a mouse in the air
And Nera is happy with her capture so fair
What will she do, eat it or chase?
She knows where the fun is
There is no haste
I watch her and wait for a message, she flies
through the air but the answer it lies in her eyes

Tabby - the life of a cat

Tabby lies outstretched, she purrs with her muzzle
Now what does she want, another cat puzzle
She watches me intently with her eyes and pleads
I know this look and just what she needs
She shows her tummy, the lady is fickle
Her look is unspoken

I want a tummy tickle
She moves her paws in rhythm with the strokes
she shows contentment, the feeling she soaks
and now her head she lifts a little
because it is time time for a raised chin tickle
Yes the cats they have no need to speak
Their looks are unspoken you just have to seek

Gröggu having a sleep

The smallest of all is Fluffy and blind
He cannot ask with his eyes,
and only his mind
He knows what he wants, he drifts away
He lays on the chair and is there to stay

Searching Nirvana is his one and only game
He buries his head and paws all the same
The rhythm is in time with his thoughts so sublime
he knows where he is, is no longer mine
Possessed by a feline longing to go
to a land far away and he purrs so low
he is happy, content, away from the world
in his own feline place on the chair he is curled

He cannot see, he feels the word
he purrs in his silence, but he still can be heard

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