Saturday, 23 August 2008

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #16: Cats!

nera challenge

Wonderful dish
Tuna fish
Outside house
Favourite mouse
Big deal
Mouse kill
Black fur
Loud purr
Four paws
Big jaws
Nera cat
Never fat

Just a minute, just a minute, Nera cat I was requested to do a two word in a line poem or a short paragraph on a subject of my own choice so what are you doing on my computer. No don’t bother to answer. I know you just wanted to help Nera because Mrs. Human is not lyrical and cannot write a poem. Yes, Nera I am sure the lady on the weekly challenge enjoys your poem; it is really a clever poem, but Humans do not perhaps understand the feelings a cat has for tuna fish and mice. I was supposed to write it, not my big black long furred fat cat. Yes Nera, I know you are not fat, just fluffy. And now let me get on with my own thing.

Creative Challenge

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