Sunday, 24 August 2008

I might become famous

Film session

I was quite surprised last week. I returned to work half days last week after two and a half months rest. I am only working in the morning and that is enough. I have to be careful that I don't get "worked up" and stay cool most of the time. I had one of those days on Wednesday where I rushed off in the morning to work and forgot to take a tablet which does help to keep calm. On top of it there was a filming session in our company. for some strange reason they have decided to make a sort of advertisement for our company on film. I thought ok but the film person decided to have me and a colleague in the film. It just goes to show how unrealistic the films are. Actually it did nerve me a bit as he started his film game at 11.00 in the morning and I am only working until 11.30. So I put on a brave face and he decided my collegue and I were to discuss some documents in the middle of the department at a desk and then I was to walk off with the documents in my hand and go back to my desk.

No. 1 take was no good because I moved my hand in the air. No. 2 take was no good because two other colleagues decided to walk in front of the camera, but eventually No. 3 take was in the can. I was not happy and I don't think my future life will be in film. Afterwards the young man started arranging for the next part of the film and the searchlight was needed. I decided to exercise revenge and took a photo of him whilst he was doing it. It was a shame I had to go home, perhaps the next part was where someone kills someone in the office and it develops into a thriller. One day the film will probably be put on our web site and then I will be able to link it in to one of my famous blogs.

It was a very wet weekend and I was not very happy on Saturday morning. If possible, I do try to wind myself out of the shopping trip on some Saturday mornings and this week-end I had definitely not planned to go shopping. Unfortunately it was the Saturday morning where the television man decided to come to convert our television into proper HD. We already did have it but the module was missing (I don't understand anything about this). Anyhow this meant that one of us had to go shopping and the other had to look after the television man. As I don't even know how to switch our super modern HD television on any more (I have a simpler version in another room) it was me that had to go shopping on my own. The television man needed two hours to get the work done.

I can tell you it was not just raining but down and I got soaked. Apart from that I didn't really know what to buy as I had most of the stuff. I switched my mobile on and called Mr. Swiss from the shop and he guided me around long distance. When I arrived home the tv man was still there. I thought the tv man could have come during the week when I was at work, but no, I was told we can be grateful that he actually came at all etc. etc. You cannot win can you.

I then had another one of my funny ideas. Being half a photographer and taken photos everywhere that does sometimes tend to get on someone's nerves, especially when we go shopping, I noticed something interesting this week. It was nine in the evening when it starts getting dark and when it signalises that our electricity is then half price until seven in the morning. One of the reasons to let the various washing machines and washing up machines to run on half price electricity. I was going down to the cellar where my washing room is to start the washing and noticed an interesting light play on our stairs before I switched the light on. I decided to try my camera out with night portrait and fetched it photograph the spectacle. It was all very technical and for such a photo the time is longer. Perhaps it was just as well that none of my neighbours were around when I was taken the photo or they might have thought that I was really ready to be taken away. Anyhow with pride here is my first night portrait taken on the stairs of our appartment house before I switched the light on and went down to the washing room.

Shadows on the stairs

Original Size

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