Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday, Monday

Crane in Langendorf

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I always go to the same supermarket every day to do my shopping. It is on my way home from work and they have everything, even a restaurant where I usually eat when I work full time. At the moment I am on half time so go home to Mr. Swiss, cook something and eat at home. Anyhow, this supermarket exists now for about thirty years. It is called Migros and they are in almost every town and sometimes village in Switzerland, something like the Swiss version of Walmart or Sainsburys. This particular supermarket used to be a factory for making watch making machinery, but it closed down and the Migros took it over and remodelled it. Like all models they start to go out of fashion and have to be renovated. I just thought I had to take a photo of this crane today as it quite impressed me. I don't know what it will be used for, but come time I will find out.

Migros provisional, Langendorf

Original size

The building at the back is the original Migros supermarket and on the right you can see part of the enormous provisional market that is being put up whilst the rebuilding is being done. It will be at least two years until the new Migros is complete. In the meanwhile we will be doing our shopping in the provisional building. Amazing what can be done today.

At the moment we are eating vegetarian at lunch time. We can both do with losing a bit of weight and in Summer we don't eat so much. Today I sliced some mushrooms and fried them with herbs from the garden. I served it with rice and a green salad. In the evening I usually serve some cold meat and a side salard.

At the moment son No. 2 is staying with us until Wednesday. He works in Brussels and is spending a few days with us while he is on holiday, although I havn't seen very much of him today. He was invited to lunch and this evening is having a get together with some of his old friends.

"Yes, Mrs. Human, and I will be glad when your oversized kitten goes again" said Nera my cat.
"Nera he is only here for 10 days and I am sure he is not in your way."
"It's the principle that counts" said Nera "this place belongs to me and my sister Tabby and Fluffy. We just happen to allow you and Mr. Human to live here as we can't go shopping and fetch the tuna fish and other food. When your overgrown kitten called son is here, he is just in the way."
"Yes Mrs. Human" Tabby joins in, "it is an interruption to our daily programme."

Tabby on guard

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My cats are not so happy at the moment as No. 2 son is sleeping in their room.

"I would just like to remind you two cats that during the night you are not inside during the Summer, so I really don't see how he can disturb your routine. During the day he is not here."
"Mrs. Human, that may be, but it is just one person too much." answered Nera.
"Nera is right, it disturbs our contemplative thoughts when overgrown kitten is here."
"Tabby it seems to me that overgrown kitten just takes over when he is here, so we just have to avoid him. I am going out for a lay down in the garden. It has cooled down and it is pleasant to lay on the ground. Are you coming as well?" said Nera
"Ok Nera, I am with you, let's go outside. We can have some peace and quiet and avoid overgrown kitten. I heard he is leaving in two days, and then we can take over completely again."

Nera relaxing

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And the cats are having a relaxing hour in the garden to contemplate. I had to buy them their dry food today at the pet shop. If they knew that it cost me one hundred Swiss Francs for a ten kilo bag they could be a bit more thankful, but I suppose that is too much to expect. I would mention the food does last six weeks, but the lady at the shop said it had increased in price by four francs.

So that was today in a nutshell. I did go to work this morning but try to forget about that during the day. This getting up early in the morning is not such a good thing, although I usually compensate with an hour after dinner.

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