Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day two at work and stormy weather

Today was the first day at work when I started at my normal time in the morning - 07.15. I had to get up at 06.00 and it has been a long while since I was up that early in the morning. However, the alarm signalised that a working day had arrived and so I dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen. My first movement is actually to my glasses as without them in the early morning I don't see very much at all.

First of all a check to see how many cats were there. I counted two. Fluffy does not go out at night being blind and Tabby was asleep in her cat cushion on top of the wardrobe. That left the boss cat, Nera, who was nowhere to be seen. I was making something to eat, spreading my dark bread (diabetes) with a cholesterol friendly spread (life is getting miserable with all this diet stuff) and a black long furred cat came wobbling along outside the window. She entered, ate some cat food, and left again, curling up on a cushion on one of the chairs outside on the patio. Sometimes I wish I was a cat.

It was a nice sunny morning so I eventually left for work taking my oldest son with me who I dropped off on the way. Now basically No. 2 son should have been at home, but we had a little problem with the flight yesterday. His flight from Brussels was delayed for an hour so he only arrived at Geneva at eleven in the evening. Unfortunately there is no chance of getting a train to where we live at that time in the evening, so he had to make do with a hotel room in Geneva and arrived home some time during the morning. Mr. Swiss even saw him for an hour, until he moved on again, reporting to the Swiss office where he works and saying don't wait for me this evening. As his favourite billiard club is in the town where his Swiss office is, I can imagine what the programme will be. Mr. Swiss found it a bit strange, but I said it is normal. You cannot expect him to sit at home with mum and dad when he basically leads his life normally in another country where there is no mum and dad. I gave up worrying a long while ago.

So I arrived at work and found that I did feel a bit tired. I cleared up a couple of jobs that had been waiting for my return over the past two and half months in ten minutes and after a coffee managed to be awake enough to deal with the work.

Storm weather over Feldbrunnen

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After my midday sleep outside on the porch I awoke to find that the sky was changing its colour. The weather forecast did say it would start raining this afternoon, but it looked to me like an end of the world atmosphere. Even my cats retired to a quiet corner. It is now raining and we had a little bit of thunder. I did not mind, as I did not have to bother to give the garden water this evening. So that was my day, nothing wild, just normal, if only I didn't have to get up so early. And here is a photo taken in the garden just before the end of the world atmosphere arrived.

Storm over the garden, Feldbrunnen

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