Monday, 18 August 2008

Back to Work

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How does it feel to go back to work after two and half months away from it all through illness. Admittedly I am only working fifty percent at the moment, but it is a strange feeling. I arrived a later this morning, being my first day and my boss wanted to have a discussion before I got started. I am very lucky working for a company that is realistic and does not push me off at the deep end, but it is a strange feeling all the same.

The stress had got too much for me and I had to have a break. I have now got over most but a funny thing has remained. I get giddy when I am amongst action and people. I noticed it first of all when I was going shopping in the supermarkets. I was glad to have my other half with me. Just could not concentrate on what I was doing and had to hold onto things to keep steady. Most of that has now disappeared, but today in the office I was glad I had a job where I could sit down most of the time and just work on the computer.

It was a strange feeling going into a computer programme that I was using every day up to some time in June and being away from it. I really had to think things over. What is my password? I, of course, had to make new ones. What do I need to export a simple parcel to another country - nearly forgot the export declaration. Things that used to be in my circulatory system that have gone missing. However, by the time I left the office this morning, I had a good feeling that it was not so bad, although at the moment I am "helping out" and I am glad. 27 years experience in dealing with the whole world makes life easier when "helping out".

After work it was a trip to the local supermarket and do some shopping, then come home and cook lunch. Mr. Swiss was waiting to hear how things went and was relieved that it went past quite well. This afternoon was spent have a midday sleep to recover and doing some reading. I am glad that I have got the first day behind me.

No. 2 son phoned to say he will be landing in Geneva from Brussels this evening, touchdown ten in the evening. Afterwards he has a two hour train journey to home, but I have a strong feeling I will be in bed when he arrives. Why he has to take the last flight I don't know. So that was todays news from Switzerland.

Tomorrow is the day when I post my weekly pictures to words and was going through the last draft this afternoon. Oh dear the problems of a writer. and now for a photo to finish off with. One of my husbands musician friends payed us a visit at the week-end and brought his dog with him. Poor little doggy had to stay in his car because my three cats are allergic to dogs, but this dog doesn't mind as he knows afterwards he is rewarded with a walk with his friend.


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