Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Great Escape starring Fluffy - Supporting Cast Mr. and Mrs. Human and Adviser Nera


“Now this time I am going to tell how it happened.”
“But Mrs. Human” says Fluffy “it was my escape.”
“I don’t care Fluffy, it cost me and Mr. Human half a night’s sleep.”
“Well, I told Nera it wouldn’t work.”
“Fluffy what does your feline sister Nera have to do with what happened?”
“She said take your chance when you can, if the window is open and no-one is watching, just go for it, so I did.”
“Nera, is that true. Was this one of your big ideas.”
“Of course it wasn’t just an idea, we cats are made for bigger things than staying indoors all night. There is another world out there as soon as it gets dark.”
“The problem being that Fluffy does not see anything dark or light as he is blind and I am sure he lost at least one of his lives last night out on his own.”
“In that case” said Nera “he still has at least five lives left. According to my experience he has only lost four lives up to now. He has just beat me by one, Tabby being the champion, she still has 8 lives at least. Come to think of it I think she might even have all nine.”
What a logic!

So what happened. I will now tell it from my point of view. Yesterday evening I was sitting outside on the porch with my laptop. To be able to go on line I have to pull a cable through the slot in the blind at the window. When I was finished I returned the computer to my room. I then spent the evening on my other computer doing some photographic work and Mr. Swiss was looking at the TV. Suddenly we realised that the other end of the cable was still outside. We opened the sliding window and the blinds and pulled the cable through but unfortunately it got caught up in the chair outside. Someone was not very amused as at midnight I had to open the window to go outside on the porch and release the cable. Afterwards I went to bed and Mr. Swiss was still watching the television. About an hour later he called me to say he just noticed that Fluffy was nowhere to be seen. I was not asleep so immediately got up and we realised that he had sneaked out at midnight when I was outside.

Big shock, Fluffy is blind. I dressed in something respectable and armed with a torch I made my way through the garden flashing the torch in all places. I then walked along the paths and all places where he could be but no Fluffy. I was hoping that the neighbours would not be suddenly awoken by someone flashing a torchlight in their gardens. Luckily all was quiet. Eventually I got back home and Mr. Swiss told me still no sign of Fluffy. He then made himself on the way and after a time returned with no Fluffy. It was now approaching two o’clock in the morning. I just could not give up so went again on my quest. This time I went almost as far as the local river bank and also towards the main road. Luckily there was no traffic and I even saw an owl flying in the trees of the forest on the other side of the road. If circumstances were normal, I would have had my camera with me and taken a photo, but at this time in the morning I was not in the mood for taking photos.

When I returned home, big sigh of relief, Mr. Swiss had found Fluffy. While I was on my search, he went searching as well and found him. He was in the front garden of a house bordering the main road. Mr. Swiss had to go into this neighbour’s garden at 2.30 in the morning to get Fluffy, with a flashing torch of course. Most embarrassing if the neighbours had noticed anything. Luckily the people living in this house must have a heavy sleep and we also know them very well. Mr. Swiss said although Fluffy was wandering aimlessly around absolutely not knowing where he was, he did struggle when my husband picked him up to take him home again. So eventually I tried to sleep for the little bit of the night that was still left. Mr. Swiss found he was too nervous to sleep, but eventually calmed down and also came to bed.

And what did our little Fluffy do. He was wide awake and ready to go. We heard him trying to open the cat flap, which is sealed from inside, and wanting to go out again.

“Mrs. Human I was not wandering aimlessly around, I was in our garden when one of those field mice ran past my nose. Now what does every self respecting cat do. He tries to catch the mouse. Mice caught at night taste much better than those during the day. They are just fresher. So I chased after the mouse, but unfortunately he left my territory. Well I had to carry on the chase, but the mouse was quicker than me and I lost him. It was then I found I was also lost, but it was fun being on my own in the great outdoors.”
“You see, Fluffy, I told you it was fun – worth losing a life for.”
“Nera I think your comments are not necessary. And now cats go and have one of those long sleeps, during the days cats should be seen, but not heard. Fluffy this evening you have complete detention. My nerves and Mr. Human’s nerves can do without escaping cats in the middle of the night.”

At the moment it is 08.30 in the evening and I am outside on the porch. Fluffly is also here on a line fixed to a pole in the garden and meowing with discontent. I think he wants to go for a walk.


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