Thursday, 3 July 2008

Back in the Past a bit

Robert Bosch Company, Zuchwil

Not that far back in the past really, just around 38 years ago. That was when I moved to a small market town called Solothurn from the big city of Z├╝rich. I decided it was either time to go home (to England) or move on in Switzerland. By coincidence there was a job advertised for an English speaking secretary at the company Robert Bosch, I applied and got the job. I think most know Robert Bosch because of their electric drills etc. which they make (made). Actually the company was called Scintilla (Italian for spark) and was a subsidiary. Their main fame was for making the magneto in the "Spirit of St. Louis", Lindbergh's plane on the first flight over the Atlantic in 1927.

At the time I was working there they were making vacuum cleaners for a Swiss chain store and the electric homeworker appliances such as drills etc. I quite enjoyed the work, being responsible for all english correspondence. In those days you didn't have a computer, and had to rely on a typewriter and shorthand if you could do it (I could, Pitmans, and still can, but not needed any more). As said I was working for all the departments and one of the workers spent quite a long while dictating his letters and I somehow needed more time to write them. Anyhow nearly 40 years later he doesn't dictate letters anymore but helps me with the housework and shopping and looking after my 3 cats.

At the moment I am off work and my other half had some business to do in the village of Zuchwil where the company was and still is. Built a lot over the years and modernised, but it is still there. Of course most of the people I knew have either moved on or are retired. The company has a small shop where you can get electric appliances at a special price so we were there. I took a couple of photos. The one above is of the main road with the factory.

Old Sulzer factory in Zuchwil

Now I know this picture does not really look very impressive. It was on the opposite side of the road where the company Sulzer was at the time I worked for Bosch. They made weaving machines for the material industry. I did not actually remember this part of the factory, but my husband told me something interesting. Him growing up in the place he knows a bit more history than I do. Apparently this unused building was originally an arms factory, one of the dark sides of Switzerland during the war. It seems it is now waiting for its removal from the landscape.

Kebag rubbish disposal, Zuchwil

It was one of those hot summer days and I was not feeling up to moving around so Mr. Swiss suggested having something to drink. There was a restaurant near by with a gardening place attached and the nurseries so that was where was landed. The photo is taken from the restaurant looking North. Another factory, that is our waste disposal place. All the rubbish collected from the Swiss households in the plastic bags is taken there to be burnt. Even a fairytale land like Switzerland has refuse.

Zuchwil Garden Centre

We took a short walk around the park, although I remained in the shady bits and took a couple of photos. Actually we had our drink, it was towards midday so the restaurant started filling up with people having their meals. I was surprised at the amount of elderly ladies sitting together all dressed nicely and obviously meeting for a nice meal. I wonder if I will be one of those one day. I just don't think so - it all seemed so sort of senior citizen style. Anyhow here is one more picture of the flower beds at the garden center. Afterwards we went home, I cooked a meal and had my midday sleep.

Flowers in Zuchwil Garden Center

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