Monday 16 June 2008

Life Goes On

Despite all this football that seems to be taking up most of my life in the evenings at the moment, I have been a bit absent in the blog section so can now perhaps do a bit of catching up.

I am at the moment not a working woman but a recovering woman. After a breakdown last week, I am off work until the summer holidays and afterwards on 50%. I have the "burn out" syndrome and would not recommend it to anyone. At the moment I am trying to come to grips with my situation. You don't notice it coming, but probably others do. I feel like one of my cats at the moment, sleeping at every possible opportunity.

Mr. Grey watching Tabby sleep

However, I have my camera, my computer and can take it easy at home and according to doctor's orders I should get out and about and not retire between my four walls. I even think the football helps me to take my mind off things in the evening.

I noticed in town that at the moment it is our so-called May market. I avoid such things myself, not really enjoying crowds of merry makers with their children, but I happened to be there during a week-day when things were quiet so took a couple of photos.

Mayfair, Solothurn

Otherwise the weather is not showing itself from the best side lately - Rainy and miserable.

I heard today that the complete lawn on the football pitch in our town of Basel is being replaced express. There was a cloudburst last week at one of the matches and the footballers played on with the result that the complete lawn was kaput afterwards. The lawn is being imported in a semi frozen state from Austria and will be layed in time for the next game. We had our lawn replaced in our garden something like that, but it was done by the local gardner in four hours and was nice and fresh.

And now to watch the Teutonic war against Austria this evening. As a Swiss I supposed I should support Germany, after all Gessler was an Austrian and he tried to kill William Tell. Let's see what happens.

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