Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Rainy Saturday

Well I suppose you cannot have sunshine every day, but today was what we call in Switzerland grey in grey. This morning started ok, and our hunting trip in the local supermarket was quite successful. I decided to take a look at the English cup final in soccer on the tv in the afternoon.

Cardiff playing against Portsmouth - the cup finals in England are just not what they used to be. The match was not exactly match of the year and thank goodness Portsmouth won. I have no problems myself if a Welsh team would win, but I read that the english football association would, as the winner of the cup final goes to Europe playing against other cup winning teams. How could England send a Welsh team to Europe representing England. After what I saw of the final this year I think a lot of the game has lost its spirit. Glasgow Celtic played against Zenit Moscow in Manchester and apparently there was a lot of blood lost and injuries after the match when the fans went on a rampage through Manchester - the result was 4:0 for the Russian team. Now imagine if a Welsh team lost the UEFA cup winners cup in some far country such as France or even Italy, I am sure leeks would be banned from the grocery shops for a long time afterwards. Anyhow all's well that ends well and Portsmouth won, which was not a bad result considering that the team is managed by a one time West Ham player Harry Redknapp that even grew up in Poplar just a short bus ride from Bethnal Green where I grew up. Who knows, I might even have met him at a dance hall once in my teenager years and didn't even realise it.

My hubby was busy with something or the other on the tv, we now have something called HD on one of the televisions at home so he was naturally examining all advantages from all angles and tv stations. I was busy updating my first aid group Internet pages and then I remembered we have 3 cats somewhere. I had not seen them for some time and knowing that they avoid rain at all times when possible I went on a hunt.

"Well you didn't have to go far, did you Mrs. Human?" and Nera appeared on the scene.
That was true of course, Nera did go outside but stayed near by.

Nera keeping watch

"I decided to take up a pole position on top of the garden refuse bin - Gives me a good view of my territory"
"Ah Nera, just leave that word "my" out of your vocabulary, it is actually OUR territory" and Tabby appeared.
Nera looked a bit annoyed "And where was you Tabby when I was observing to make sure that the red threat called Roschti, the cat from over the path, kept out of my - sorry our - territory. You seem to be otherwise occupied and so I had to keep my eye on everything again."
"I was having a cat nap Nera and a cat nap means that although my eyes were closed, my ears and nose were fully awake and I would have been ready to pounce if Roschti had shown himself in our garden."

Tabby sleeping

"I would have helped as well" and along came Fluffy. "I was awake but inside - If Roschti had come near the cat flap I would have pounced on him and he would have had no chance"
Well luckily enough there was no sign of Roschti this afternoon, so I think he was avoiding the rain as well. I had a small extra job this week-end and was looking after the cat next door, Bobinette, as her humans were away. She was glad to see me when I paid a visit with her food.


"Of course she is glad to see you, Mrs. Human" said Nera. "Just imagine she is on her own all day, which I am sure does not bother her so much, we cats like to be alone and left to our own thoughts. Bobinette needs food and as she is equipped with something called paws, which all us cats have, she cannot open the parcels of food that the supermarket have and put them in the dishes, so Bobinette needs a servant, like you Mrs. Human, to do it all for her."
"You are right Nera, I sometimes think the humans have funny ideas about us cats" said Fluffy. "They seem to think that they are in charge - funny thoughts they have."
"Now you are talking a bit of sense there Fluffy" and Tabby joined in the conversation. "If the humans hadn't wanted always to try something new out we would have still been in the corn chambers feeding on mice. Our paws would have been enough equipment."
"And our teeth and claws" added Nera.
"Yes, indeed" Tabby continued. "We didn't need packets of food with minced chicken, beef and whatever. Our mice diat would have been sufficient. Those chambers had enough to make a cat happy."
"Talking of mice" I joined in "which one of you three corn chamber refugees happened to put that king sized dead mole in front of the door out on the porch yesterday morning. I almost trod on it when I opened the window to go out."
"That must have been Roschti" answered all 3 cats together.
I decided to terminate the conversation. You can never really win against the cats, especially if they all gang up on you.
"But one thing cats" I added "Just don't expect me to organise a corn chamber in the cupboard outside - it's enough when the mice get deposited out on the porch if you happen to catch one, I don't have to organise their living quarters to make things easier for you, now do I."
"Typical human" said Nera
So I just looked into her round yellow eyes and asked if they had tuna fish in the corn chamber as well. She decided to take a cat nap.

Fluffy outside

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