Monday, 19 May 2008

Miserable Monday

View towards Jura from front garden

Even the view from our front garden towards the Jura mountains looked very dismal today. It was not so warm and it had rained during the night so it was quite damp. This afternoon I noticed the sun poking through the clouds, but no big deal. We did eat outside on the porch this evening, but I left my laptop indoors as I knew I would retire inside afterwards.

The wet weather has been doing my new lawn good and I am quite satisfied with the result. Shame my neighbour on the top floor Mr. Black (also known as Mr. Misery) is away at the moment enjoying his villa somewhere in the Swiss countryside, otherwise I am sure he would appreciate the change from the nature paradise to the conservative official garden I now have.

Front garden

Everyone to their own taste I suppose. One thing is certain this is the Swiss garden - everything neat and no grass stalk out of place - except for the bits where I put a little bit too much fertiliser on it, but according to the gardener everything will grow again with no problem.

My Walnut tree

And here is my pride and joy. Does not look like much, but I was determined to save my walnut tree from the new look in the garden. I planted the walnut about eight years ago in Autumn in the garden as I read they have to go through a Winter before they start growing, and sure enough there was a stalk coming through the earth in Spring. I put it in a pot, and last year I had my first harvest - two walnuts. I bought a new pot, the biggest they had in the supermarket and have now replanted it, hoping for a huge harvest of walnuts this year. On the other end of the patio I have my horse chestnut tree, although I will have to cut that one down this Winter. Planted from a chestnut it has grown quite well. These are the only two experiments I have saved from the old garden.


We also have a peony rose which are supposed to flower at Whitsun, the Germans even have a name translated called Whitsun rose. Ours were a week later this year, but the weather wasn't up to it up to now. I have a new photo programme on the computer called Piknik and you may notice I enjoy playing a bit with it.

So that was short trip around the garden this evening - I took the photos before the evening meal, it's a bit too cold to go out now. Where were the cats, well they disappeared in all directions. Nera was chasing some sort of flying insect and Tabby even caught one and made a meal out of it afterwards. What did you say Tabby?
"Well we didn't get any tuna fish this evening, so winged insect is just as tasty, although a short lived thing. Two bites and it's gone."
"Mine flew away" said Nera "so I had to make do with the dry stuff we all get because it is supposed to be full of vitamins."
Which goes to show that you can spoil the furry monsters how you want to but they are never satisfied.
"Mrs. Human"
"Yes Tabby"
"Show all them humans that look at the things you write that nice photo you took of me in the garden this evening. I am sure it is the best one of me yet - at least I am not sleeping. You never know Garfield might look in one evening and decide I might be the ideal partner in his next film."

How could I resist such a wish from Tabby.

Tabby in the garden

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  1. Hi, I just sort of came by accident on to your blog. Your post about the change in photography is very interesting. I saw a little of your garden,lovely peonie and Tabby is a nice looking catchild.