Saturday 3 May 2008

A Day full of Cats

Now I really don't know where to begin. It all started when I heard a spitting and hissing in the garden - so I knew who had turned up.


Yes Roschti was here again moving in on our cat's territory.

"But I showed him didn't I Mrs. Human"
"Yes Tabby you did, I was quite surprised how brave you were" and tabby stretched herself with pleasure, although I did get a bit worried went she chased after him.
"It wasn't necessary for you to hold me back Mrs. Human, I just wanted to make sure that Roschti disappeared away from our territory".
"Tabby, it was enough to chase him out of the garden, you didn't have to go down the path and follow him into the neighbours garden."
"You humans are never satisfied. I was just pleased to see the back of him. I mean there was no relying on my sister Nera, She just sat on the chair watching."


"I was just making sure that you chased him away. After all Tabby you have learnt a lot from me over the past month on how to get rid of unwanted tom cats" said Nera with a shake of her tail.
"Excuse me, Nera" said Tabby "if I remember rightly the only thing you showed me was how to disappear as quickly as possible when Roschti appeared in the garden. I was the one who solved the Roschti problem by attack."
"Ok, Tabby, I was just trying to show you how to avoid unwanted tom cats, that was the first lesson in the course. But it seemed that someone had already taught you the second lesson. I would have come to that part myself".
I thought it was time for me to intervene. "Nera, I didn't notice you applying lesson two when Roschti spent the night at our place."
"I was asleep at the time when she got in" said Nera
Tabby just shook her head and curled up in a corner of the garden, when the next cat arrived.

Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey decided to pay us a visit. "Tabby, you were not very friendly to Mr. Grey. You gave him a hiss and scared him off".
Nera decided to take over the conversation "I told Tabby that Mr. Grey is my friend and is always welcome to pay us a visit. He is not such a smelly old tom cat like Roschti. Mr. Grey has manners and asks before he comes into our territory. I told Tabby to leave him alone and afterwards we spent a nice afternoon together."

Tabby & Nera, Mr. Grey and Fluffy

That was true. I saw that myself. Mr. Grey had entered the garden on a second try and Tabby was already getting her claws sharpened when Nera went over to her and sniffed around her nose. That was what I thought Nera was doing, but it seems Nera was telling Tabby to grant Mr. Gray permission to enter their territory.
"Quite right Mrs. Human" said Nera. "I told Tabby to leave Mr. Gray alone, otherwise I would eat her Tuna fish portion on Wednesday."
"Now that was not very nice of you Nera"
"Mrs. Human you have to be cruel to be kind, and after all we all spent a nice afternoon in the garden together, didn't we Fluffy."
"That's true Nera, it was a real cat party, each of us sitting in our own corner, staring at each other and having a telepathic conversation".

Tabby, Nera and Mr. Grey

Well I don't know about the telepathic bit, but the cats did seem to enjoy each others company, even if it was on the quiet side. Even Fluffy joined in . Eventually Mr. Grey went back to his humans and Tabby and Nera decided to have a sleep in a quiet corner. Fluffy followed Mr. Grey until he left our garden and curled up on a chair outside.

Fluffy and a disappearing Mr. Grey

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