Tuesday 1 April 2008

Happy Birthday Cats - Tabby and Nera

Tabby & Nera as kittens

It's their birthday tomorrow, although with cats you can never be too sure. They will be 6 years old, born in a small Swiss village called Luterbach, about ten minutes drive from where I live. It was a bit of a coincidence actually. I wrote about Lady our first cat that only lived until she became six months old. Both Mr. Swiss and I were devastated but we missed her so much that we decided to take the chance with taking in a cat again, although I found that two cats were better than one. After the experience with our first cat, I decided that we would not be so focused on one cat. Lady was an Autumn cat, and it was now Spring, when most cats are born. I got Lady through a friend of mine in the office and as coincidences would have it, Lady's mother had yet another litter with four kittens, so we decided to take the chance. I went to see the kittens. One kitten was staying with her mother, another had already been "adopted" and I could have Tabby and Nera. Although they were litter sisters, they were completely different.

It was obvious from the beginning that Nera, the black one, was the boss.

Tabby: What do I hear Mrs. Human. I was supposed to be the boss.
Nera: I was born first, and the first cat out is the one in charge.
Tabby: I was ready to go out and you pushed me with your back legs, so I had to take the second place.
Me: Is that true Nera?
Nera: Well not really, Tabby was in the way and I wanted to have a look at my mum from outside.
Tabby: Nera you pushed me, it was the same with the milk supply.
Nera: Tabby, it was every cat for him/herself. Can I help it if you were sleeping most of the time.
Tabby: It was only because our mum pushed you away that I managed to get on the milk tap. You were hogging all of the milk.
Nera: First come, first served Tabby. Anyhow you must have got your ration, you are still here.
Tabby: But noted I am a head smaller that you. That was because my milk ration was only a ration and not the full amount. On the other hand I am nice and slim and not so fat like other cats I will not mention.
Nera: Hisssss
Me: Stop hissing Nera, they say that kittens that are overweight when they are small always stay overweight when they get bigger.
Nera: I am not overweight, I have long fur and it gives the illusion that I am big. Just take a look at the photo that was taken when I had my haircut.

"Now I have had my hair cut,

Tabby: You look a bit miserable there Nera.
Nera: So would you if you had your fur shaved off while you were put to sleep. But see how slim I am.
Tabby: You look like The Lion King.
Nera: I didn't feel like the Lion King after that haircut. Couldn't eat for a whole night.
Me: That was because of the anaesthetic Nera, but you soon recovered and your fur grew nicely back afterwards.
Tabby: Yes and she didn't stink so much any more.
Nera: I did not stink, any talking of stinking you don't smell like a rose either Tabby when you roll in the catnip in the garden.
Tabby: I would rather have catnip than snails in my fur Nera.
Me: So cats, stop arguing. You both have a wish for your birthday food, or is that a silly question.
Nera: Yes, that is a silly question. It is our birthday on Wednesday and what do we have on Wednesday?
Tabby & Nera together: Tuna Fish.
Tabby: And it will be a double portion this time as it is Wednesday and our birthday, won't it Mrs. Human?
Me: If you think you can eat so much Tuna fish.
Nera: No problem, I can always eat Tuna fish.
Tabby: I remember a time when you didn't eat anything a whole week long and had to go to the vets. That was when you ate a long piece of string.
Nera: Well it looked interesting, so I just swallowed it - I thought it was a worm.
Me: Yes you were quite ill then Nera and we had to leave you at the vets for three days.
Nera: I remember, I didn't like that bit at all. But as soon as I came home I felt a lot better. I even had my appetite again.
Tabby: I remember that Mr. and Mrs. Human were looking in our cat box every time you went there to see if the string appeared.
Nera: that was most degrading. I mean we cats do bury our business - that was an invasion on our privacy.
Me: It was for your own good Nera, we had to make sure that you would recover and what you swallowed had passed through you.
Tabby: Nera, if you was as intelligent as you are bossy, you would have realised it was for your own good.
Nera: Tabby, I am the most intelligent cat here, I was the first born.
Tabby: So there we are again. I seem to remember this part of the conversation. Mrs. Human just make sure you give Nera a little bit more Tuna fish that me tomorrow, so that she keeps quiet and stops showing off.
Nera: Tabby, I just can't help it if I am the most beautiful cat here.
Tabby: As I said beautiful but who has the brains around here? Do you remember when Mrs. Human shut you in the cupboard because she didn't know that you were in the cupboard. What did I do? I laid in front of the cupboard and kept pawing at the door until she came to see what happened. Because of me she let you out. So who has the brains?
Me: Ok cats, tomorrow is your birthday so look forward to it.
Tabby & Nera: We will Mrs. Human, so time for a few hours sleep until tuna fish time.

I will sleep on the first floor, you can take the penthouse suite

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