Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New Kittens at the Farm

A friend of mine has a farm. I have known her for a few years and one of her daughters (she has 5 daughters and two sons) works in the same office as I do. Apart from the usual farm animals - cows, pigs, & goats, as well as white bellied hedgehogs and guinea pigs, one of her "hobbies" is breeding cats. My own Fluffy was a product of the time when she bred exclusively Selkirk Rex Cats, but since she has gone into Persian cats. Her Persian cats are not the snub nosed inbred that you often find at exhibitions. Although they are all with pedigree documents, or whatever it is called, they are bred without any cosmetic gags. Either you like Persians, or you prefer the short haired type of cat. I often used some of her cats as "actors" when I was writing my Reservoir Cat stories.

The daddy of all cats is Diego. My friend kept him from a litter she had once with the idea of him one day being the man in the family. He has proven that he has the right qualities and in the last year has been father of many. He is even hired out by other breeders looking for a man to woo their females. I know this sounds all a be degenerate, but the cats are having a happy life and now and again even get a male visitor when they feel like it.

Well one of the lady cats at the farm has been pregnant and last Sunday she had a kitten. Just one, which seems to me a bit rare. I did a photo blog last year about the farm (actually it was about 5 blogs) and so my friends daughter at work always keeps me in the picture of what is going on. She told me her mother thought there would be more than one kitten as the cat was quite on the large side, but up to this morning there was only one - "was". This morning, 2 days after the first kitten, kitten No. 2 was born. Strange animals cats - you never know what is going on really. In any case it seems that No. 2 will be the last one. Both kittens are doing very well, and the mother is busy feeding them at the moment. And here are the photos I got today.

noranemo 001

noranemo 007

noranemo 005

noranemo 006

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