Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday, Monday

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Growing up in the East End of London, the only view we ever had from the shops was the street next to it and houses, houses, houses. Today was a particularly sunny day in my part of Switzerland, 7°C so on the warmer side for this time of year. I think it has only snowed once up to now and then not so much, just before Christmas. We also have clear skies and hence the view from the parking lot of the supermarket this lunch time was really impressive. The Bernese alps showed theirselves in all their glory.

If only lunch had been as good as the view. I always eat in the supermarket restaurant, where they increase the prices - but not the quality - at least once a year. The main thing is that the food is fresh, they serve their regular customers every day, so nothing really gets left. I just avoid certain things such as gravy or minced meat, as its contents are a bit dodgy to me. I mean you can put anything into that. Anyhow today I settled for a plain veal sausage, and something called SpƤtzli which is made of flour, eggs and milk and then formed into small pieces to be cooked in boiling salted water. and afterwards fried. Something I have made myself, but not so often. A lot of work, and a big mess in the kitchen if you don't keep your eyes on things. I took a small side salad with it. They always have enormous jugs of salad sauce to help yourself with. I usually take a minimum, there again I am suspicious of what could be in it. Slowly I think I am developing a food psychosis. Anyhow I met a couple of people in the restaurant that I work with, but was glad to finish the meal and get on with my shopping. I like to meet people, but when I see them in the office all day, I don't really have to spend lunchtime with them.

The afternoon in the office passed quietly, no big panics and we all survived, although one of the colleagues was not there. I was glad to get home and take it easy. Tabby had taken up a new position on the living room table. I just sometimes wonder what really goes through those feline brains.

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and Nera was waiting to go out.

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Mr. Swiss said it was such a nice day today that he even sat outside on the porch reading his book. Lucky Mr. Swiss, I would have also liked to sit outside reading a book today. Even the cats joined him in the sun.

So that was a sort of typical Monday. Tomorrow probably won't be much different, only that it is called Tuesday. Oh, I forgot. I read a mail just before I went home, we have to keep our office nice and clean and tidy tomorrow, it will be filmed with a 3-dimensional camera - now I wonder what that means?

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