Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Ginger Tom from next door

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Things are getting a bit out of control in my neck of the Swiss gardens and the reason is shown above. There has been a lot of building going on where we live and now one by one families are moving in and are bringing their cats with them. Basically no big problem for a human. When the new arrival shown in the picture first made his visit to our garden we just let him get on with it, which was the first mistake. If you went into the garden and this cat was there he would come to you for a stroke settle down somewhere and have a sleep in a corner. We even noticed that he would make himself comfortable on one of our chairs and spend a few hours there having a catnap. Note, I say him. I am sure it is a tom cat as he is developing into a bit of a boss cat.

One day Mr. Swiss was indoors reading a book or something and suddenly 2 cats speeded through the cat flap and didn't stop until they were in the back room. He went to see what had happened and the ginger tom had taken position in our garden in front of the window. We then observed the situation and found that when our cats were outside, as soon as ginger tom turned up they ran away from him and came indoors. The next step was that ginger tom started sitting outside of the cat flap looking in and our cats stayed in. We then decided that action must be taken. Ginger Tom is now sprayed with water when he appears, but my cat Nera is no so happy.

Nera: He is the most ignorant of all cats I have ever met. I just like to observe situations to see how they develop. I mean most cats around here know I am the boss and leave me in peace, but today - well I was insulted. There I was sitting down cat watching - I mean these ginger toms are a bit suspicious. What happened afterwards, well I am still digesting it. This big garfield lookalike turned his head in my direction and hisst at me. At me, and what a hiss it was. Before I had a chance to hiss back he started off in my direction at such a speed. Well, what could I do. I just had to run for it. After all he did mean business and I didn't want to have my wonderful silky fur pulled about. Thank goodness I can still run if I have to, but this cheeky so-and-so just didn't give up and chased me to the neighbours porch. Thanks to my super intelligence and agility I managed to make a turn and run back towards my cat flap and eventually was safe and sound within my own four walls. Mind you I was a bit out of breath with all that running.

Tabby: You were lucky Nera. That ginger tom is a danger to the whole area.
Fluffy: You saw what happened to me last week. If it hadn't been for Bobinette who chased him away he would have attacked me.
Nera: Something has to be done about that apology for a cat. Absolutely no dignity chasing me,
Tabby: It was a good job that Mr. Human was watching, he hunted him away afterwards and I heard Mr. Human telling Mrs. Human that in future the Ginger Tom will be chased away if he comes near our garden.
Nera: I was so out of breath when I managed to get back home, and felt that one of my nine lives was leaving me.
Tabby: May I give you a bit of advice Nera. I am not so sure you still have nine lives, and you managed to escape from the beast of the ginger toms, but - well don't get angry with me - there is something called eat the half.
Nera: What are you trying to say.
Tabby: It has been noticed lately - I heard Mrs. Human saying it - that you have put on a bit of extra weight through the Winter.
Nera: I feel quite comfortable and think my weight is perfect.
Fluffy: Nera I think Tabby is trying to say that you might be able to run a bit faster if you don't have so many kilos to carry.
Tabby: Yes, Nera, now I never have a problem to run away
Nera: Are you insinuating that I am fat.
Fluffy & Tabby: No, never Nera, just a bit on the heavy side perhaps.
Nera: It is a well known fact that I am absolutely not fat, just fluffy - typical, everyone is always so jealous of my wonderful fur. I can't help it if I am such a beautiful cat.
Tabby: Fluffy, you know what, let's just leave her to calm down. I think she is still recovering from the shock.
Fluffy: Well, one good thing is that Mr. and Mrs. Human are going to help us in our fight against the ginger monster next door.

Although me and "Mr. Human" are still not sure what to do. We have decided that we will chase the Ginger Tom away if he comes into our garden again and just hope that that will do the job. Otherwise it looks like I will have to look for a cat psychiatrist to calm my 3 down and give a few tips on how to deter a cat that just won't learn his lesson. Anyone got any ideas?

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