Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

Cleaning kitchen

Because it’s there (one of the reasons I was just thinking about climbing the Matterhorn - just thinking, but someone got there first). Perhaps I wanted to blog so that I would not have to clean the kitchen, which would have been a great excuse, but the kitchen does not clean itself.

Yes, once again we are confronted with of those “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer prompts.” I mean why do we blog, we want to be famous, want to leave a mark on the world - be it a Pulitzer, Nobel or Raspberry. We want to be on the front page of the New York Times and, of course, we all want the million dollars, at least I do. Then I would no longer blog, but lead a life of comfort. However I was faced with a choice today, not a happy choice, but I had the freedom to choose.

Tomorrow is the half yearly visit to the dentist, which is now almost nine months I must add. My teeth had behaved in the meanwhile thanks to my rigid three times daily cleaning session to remove the tartar which tends to collect on certain hidden places on the teeth. There is a problem. If I visit the dentist tomorrow in town, I will clean the kitchen when I return, eat the evening meal and the blogging session will disappear - there will be no chance of a Pulitzer etc. etc. I made a decision today. I arose from my golden oldie midday sleep, ate my usual piece of cake chosen by Mr. Swiss on his safari this morning in town and then, yes, I began to clean the kitchen. All the surfaces were  cleared, I mounted my ladder and began with the dirt removal. 

It was then Mr. Swiss disappeared. Something about preparing the old newspapers for collection tomorrow and bringing in the garden garbage trolleys which were emptied this morning. As you can our village is organised, everything in its right place at the right time. Although it seems strange to me that Mr. Swiss always seems to disappear when I am cleaning something.

After the kitchen was shining reflecting my facd on its surfaces,  it was time to move onto the doors in the apartment. I am a believer of doing things regularly, to save time on doing things intensively. Now the kitchen and doors are reflecting the light and life is back to normal and now, yes, I can blog. I am now sitting at my faithful computer and hammering out my words of wisdom. Now tomorrow’s job is already done, I worked in advance

I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s daily prompt. I am ready for something original, never been seen before, an idea to tickle the imagination and I will have time to do it, because I cleaned the kitchen today. If I might receive one of those prompts that have happened before, I could always clean my son’s shower, meaning that I will have almost nothing to do on Thursday. except to blog. Blogging life is just one vicious circle.


  1. I don't blog. Well, at least not any more. I used to, back on Yahoo 360 and Multiply, but since they folded, I haven't really blogged. I tried it on Blogger, but I found that in the end hardly anyone I knew was using it any more, so I stopped. Now I just socialise on social media. It's
    the only way to stay in touch with my online friends.

    1. I just enjoy writing, together with my photos. Blogger is not very social, I just do a crosspost here and I notice I do get quite a lot of viewers, although I don't know who they are as they rarely make a comment. Wordpress is more social. I have many colleagues there which I have collected over the years since Multiply dissolved. basically I do not like Facebook, I just find it silly, although I like a couple of groups I belong to from my old school and the East End of London. On the other hand I have my own community there which suits me.