Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Million Whisker Question

Why do you blog?


“Stop acting silly outside on the porch and come inside Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human I am not acting silly, I am meditating and airing my blogging cramp out of my fur.”

“You have a blogging cramp?”

“Yes, something like writer’s cramp, what you often have. I am trying to analyse the reason why I blog. As the great Winston Pawhill said “Feline history will be kind to me as I live it daily with my blogs”.


“He was the feline owner of some english politician that was always saying wise things. Mrs. Human if you said wise things, I would also be famous as the feline that owned Mrs. Human.”

“You mean like, eat your vitamin pellets, don’t think of the garden as a gigantic recycling tray and be kind to other felines that might walk through your territory.”

“Mrs. Human, sorry that you will not become famous with those beliefs. I see i will have to re-organise my training programme. I have a book from Feline You should read it memorise it, and I will ask questions next week.”

“Cat Watching by Desmond Morris?”

“Yes. Actually his feline wrote it, but could not write without opposable thumbs, so she dictated it. Read it. And when you have read it I can guarantee you will no longer make stupid remarks about rolling on the porch. You will recognise it as an meaningful action. You could take a page out of this book and roll on the floor, it does wonders for the fur.”

“But I don’t have fur Tabby.”

“Then I will order the new book by Chewbacca Whiskers - How to grow fur without really trying.”