Monday, 9 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: No feline apologies

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?


“Like having a private hour or so in the bathroom on the carpet, in front of the human recycling tray.”

“But Tabby that is not the idea. You do tend to block the access.”

“What access, you humans interrupt my relaxation time, where I can meditate on why guilty does not exist in meow.”

“But you have a special feline sleeping cushion, you occupy our beds during the day and now you have taken over the bathroom.”

“I would draw your attention to the fact that my cushion or your beds have no floor heating, but the bathroom floor does. I think I will carefully roll onto my side to position myself for a tummy tickle. Where are you going Mrs Human, I said tummy tickle.”

“I was going to fill up your food bowl.”

“You must sort your priorities. “Fill up your food bowl” means another layer of dry, hard, vitamin pellets. If you had answered with “I was going to open a tin a tuna fish”, then I might have been tempted to leave the nice warm bathroom carpet to partake in a meal. As there is only a mention of dry food with nothing to tempt my delicate taste buds, I will remain. Mrs. Human: tummy tickle.”

“Tabby I have other things to do.”

“Such as?”

“The evening meal for Mr. Human and myself.”

“That is not important. Now I am ready. No, not there, just a little between the front legs. Oh yes, that’s it. And now you can move towards my chin, but just light strokes.”

“Finished Tabby?”

“I could lay here for hours for a tummy tickle.”

“No, now it is finished, I really must go.”

“To open a tin of tuna fish?”

“No, today is Monday, you can wait until Wednesday.”

“But we don’t have days in meow.”

“But we humans do in words.”


  1. She has her pawpad where all the important feline days are noted. She has now pawed for Wednesday "tuna fish day".