Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Daily Prompt: The New School

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

At the pain of being accused I am moaning because I again have a repeat prompt to answer, I will not complain, nor say how boring this daily rehash is becoming. No, I will do it again.


I do not wish to redesign school, I redesigned it the last time I wrote on this subject on 29th December 2013. My Original blog on this subject. Things have not really changed very much except that I am almost 2 years older, have more grey hair and my joints are now in an advanced state of rust.

Perhaps they already teach “How to apply your “i” objects in a special class at school, but it seems to me that babies in their prams already have an iPhone in their hands instead of a rattle. It is the same thing, makes a noise, even vibrates, and above all is educational. I remember my first day at school where the teacher told us to draw a self portrait. Today the teacher tells the class to upload their favourite photo or their favourite app onto their iPhone.

Undaunted I continue and say that I am now on a self teaching programme to keep up with things. As you can see I am equipped with my faithful Apple computer and my Apple iPhone. Yes life has become one large fruit of the loom, all based on what grows in the garden in a mobile cyber way. If you cannot beat them, then join them. Every bus journey is accompanied by our modern youth listening to their favourite music. Each one of them complete with an ear pod connected to their mobile communication system and listening intensively to whatever they listen to.

I acquired my second iPhone about a month ago. This time I always have the ear pod in my handbag or pocket. Even golden oldies have to join in. A walk in the countryside is no longer so interesting unless you can listen to your favourite radio programme or music whilst marching through the undergrowth. Personally I prefer a station called Radio 32 Oldies. They play constantly my music: it is old, very old. Sometimes so old I do not even remember the songs when they were new. Note the photo on my iPhone. I did that all myself. My feline was not very happy having to pose, but it had to be done. My first photo was some sort of standard design from Apple. This was boring and made no impression on others, just pure amateur. If you have an iPhone you have to have something completely different. As I do not have grandchildren up to now, I chose my pet feline.

I was very clever. I uploaded my photo direct to my online photo programme to ensure that it would remain somewhere in this cyberspace. I then chose “Background photo” on my phone and Tabby was smiling at me, although looking quite mystified and perplex. It was her first time on a telephone. My first attempt was Mr. Swiss, but everyone has their partner on the phone. I wanted something completely different so I have my cat.

I now have a problem. My mobile phone does not have an unlimited capacity for all the apps (apps - a new word in my golden oldie language) and photos. I now remove all my photos to a cloud somewhere  to make sure I have room for the apps. I have also now reduced the number of apps. to almost three pages, as otherwise my iPhone will have reached its limits. I think my next model must have more room.

Part 2 of this prompt could be “How to tell the time with your Apple watch”, although that is secondary. I have decided to wait with that one. I have other priorities at the moment.

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  1. Do away with reading, writing and arithmetic?? Quite the opposite!! Looking around various social media sites, the appalling standards of spelling, grammer, etc displayed shows that education is not what it used to be!!