Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Autumn is in the air

Autumn, Weissenstr. Langendorf

I was waiting for the days of brown and reds and gold. It seemed to me that it was a long time coming this year, but on the drive to and from the supermarket this morning I noticed that the foliage on the trees had changed and there were even some stray leaves on the ground. Autumn is on its way, although the temperatures are still quite mild for this time of year.

In my younger days I was a faithful follower of Summer, but a the years go past, I have become one of those Autumn people. Even Mr. Swiss said today the Autumn is like us, golden - although not such oldies. The temperatures are falling and Mrs. Angloswiss is having a rethink about her dress, although I am still bare feet in my shoes. I have a thing about nylons stockings and socks. I always found them uncomfortable and I stay without for as long as possible. I have even replaced nylon covers on my feet with men’s socks. When you reach a certain age I find that what you wear on your feet goes more in the direction of comfort than fashion. I am already 1m 75cm so I really do not want to extend my height with heels, apart from the fact that I would probably cause an accident by falling.

After my discovery of taking photos with my iPhone 6s yesterday I decided to extend the experience by taking some photos along the way, hence the shadow on the left of the photo from something in the car. This road is known as Langendorfstrasse as it leads to the village of Langendorf where our supermarket is. Some of the trees were replaced a couple of years ago, but as far as I can remember the road always had them.

Now is also the time to clear up the garden and so the gardener has been organised for tomorrow at the unearthly time of 7.30 in the morning when I am only thinking about rising, although Mr. Swiss will be ready so he tells me. There will be some hedge trimming and a general rake up. The lawn suffered a little from the drought days, but it has already begun to recover. Otherwise it is too early to do more according to the Mrs. Angloswiss gardening system.

I will naturally be taking a few shots of the work for my records.


  1. I only really like autumn form a photographic perspective. I do love the colours of the season, but not the temperatures, or the piles of leaves that accumulate everywhere!!

    1. I don't mind the leaves as long as they are not in my garden. As we are now golden oldies, we have the gardener to do it for us.