Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Love Meow

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?


“What’s music Mrs. Human.”

“Music, well its sort of words, but we might sing them instead of saying them. We often have music from the radio or the television.”

“Aah, you mean those strange tones that hurt my sensitive ears.”

“I am sure felines also have music Tabby or does the word perhaps not exist in meow.”

“I wouldn’t say that, we do tend to be quite melodic now and again. I am sure you have heard my meows when I want something, like food, or… yes, well food. There is no real reason otherwise to make a sound. Of course visiting the vet does exhaust my range of voice, from a hiss to a loud meow, but that is an extreme situation.”

“Yes, but music is something that varies in tone with high and low notes and in rhythm to the beat.”


“Forget it Tabby, I believe you, music is not something that really exists in meow I suppose. But I am sure you hear the birds singing.”

“You call it singing. I call it an invitation to dinner.”

“They sing because the sun rises and they are happy to be alive.”

“I always said that birds were naïve, they sing to advertise to say “here we are, come an get us” if you can. Then the fun begins.”

“I think today we have established the fact that felines do not have an ear for music.”

“I use my ears for other things. I can hear a mouse taking a walk in his underground paths, I feel the vibrations of butterfly wings in the air and my whiskers warn me when I have a threat to my territory. I do not think that meowing a song about it to the rhythm of my paws would be a better solution.”

“Ok Tabby, perhaps it is bette when felines do not sing or sway to the rhythm. Stay as you are.”

“I will and now for a sleep. I must say Mrs. Human today you have one of your Sigmund Paw Freud days.”


  1. There's a song by a group called Squeeze, called 'Cool For cats' . I'm sure tabby would like it!!

    1. Must look it up. she is not really very musical, poor feline only hears jazz in our house.