Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ripped from the headlines - and a walk

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

All followers that are interested in reading about a family that are about to be evicted from their house in Obergerlafingen because they own 14 husky dogs hold up their hands. I see no hands, I am not surprised, but it was in the news. They can stay in their house if they keep only four of the huskies. Anyone want to adopt a husky? They have decided to move after living in their house the last fourteen years. Now that is doggy love. I have two felines and would keep my home if threatened with such steps. On the other hand my home is not my home, the felines took over when they moved in, claimed ownership sealed with a paw print. And now to continue to something more interesting. It did not arrive in the local newspaper, or in the internal headlines, but it was big in my headlines.

From Feldbrunnen towards South with bernese overland

Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss pulled on their walking shoes again. It was just a small step for the Angloswiss family Golden Oldies but it was a large step for their boots that were made for walking. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Unfortunately there was a strong cold wind blowing, a local thing know as the Bise, but casting all cares into the shadows of walking feet, they continued undaunted on their merry way.

Dressed in a wind protective jacket with the long blue jeans and with a camera around her neck Mrs. Angloswiss asked “Why do I do these things to my joints” or was it the joints that were asking “do we have to do this”. Nevertheless it was a short rewarding walk. It was the first walk that we could actually see the alps from our path. Mr. Swiss said “look the alps” and so I unzipped my protective jacket, withdrew the camera suspended around my neck and took a few prize-winning shots. Unfortunately this was the only successful shot. The high mountain on the right is the Eiger, famous for its North Wall which is an overhanging upright climb and the death of many mountaineers. One disappeared into a dangerous crevice known as The Spider, and many years later he decided to reappear after a storm in the North Wall. He was still standing upright in a frozen state. Another reason why I do not do mountain climbing. We spent many holidays in Grindelwald and these mountains were an hour’s hike from our holiday apartment. Mr. Swiss and I engrossed ourselves in books about the local mountains and their successful climbs. We also visited the local cemetery where the more unsuccessful climbers were buried after a failed attempt.

The master walker, Mr. Swiss, decided on a route passing the stables to the cemetery. All the horses came out to greet us.

“We were waiting every day, but you didn’t appear. Do you perhaps have an apple or carrot for us to munch on?”

Mr. Swiss, with his Swiss animal experiences, said “Do not feed them with anything. It might be they also take a few fingers with the first bite to enrich their fruity meal with something meaty.”

This was new, up to now they were happy with a photo, but I think it was climbing to their horsy heads.I noticed the horses had spruced themselves up realising that they were now famous through the blogging world. See my prize winning close-up photo of a horse head, complete with sexy eyelashes.

Eye of the horse

And so we waved goodbye to the horses and continued on our merry way to …..yes, the cemetery. There were few visitors today so the cemetery population were left to their own thing. We walked the normal path and we noticed that the graves had been spruced up with spring flowers. The gardeners that are paid to care for the graves had been hard at work. 

We arrived home, tired but happy, and found how refreshing it is to again be out in the fresh air. I noticed during the evening that my throat became sore and I was sneezing a little more than usual. However, I slept well and am now ready for the next walk. Will it be today? 


  1. Beautiful shot of the alps in the distance!!

    1. I find it difficult to take photos of the alps. you only really see them when they are in the sun, and the sun reflects too much making everything a bit faint. They look quite near on the photo, but are in fact about 150 kilometers away, if not more.