Sunday, 18 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Pleased to Meet You

Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?

Interesting Painting, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

“I deduce you are not a member of the medical profession.”

“No, why should I be.”

“I deduce that such a painting would not be of interest to a doctor. It shows only the skull and not the reasons for the departure of the subject of the painting. Doctors prefer to see marks on the body.”

“You are wrong. I am very partial to marks on a body, but mainly when the body is complete with the skin and the necessary organs.”

“Yes. that is plain to see.”

“Plain to see, you seem to see everything. May I ask what your interest is in this painting? This is the first day that it is exhibited. Oh, and would you mind extinguishing your meerschaum pipe, the smoke is disturbing my blood circulation.”

“Of course, I can tell by your complexion that you have health problems.”

“I do not have health problems. I just have to ensure that my intake of liquids in sufficient.”

“In that case I could perhaps invite you to a drink in the gallery restaurant to replenish your liquid intake.”

“That is very condescending, but I do not think their drink card would meet my requirements.”

“I thought they would not, you prefer something special, organic, something rare perhaps.”

“I suppose you could say that. If you do not mind an observation, you seem to be quite confident in your knowledge.”

“Of course, I am the greatest detective and see all.”

“I am an expert in my own way of course, there are not many of us remaining.”

“I deduced that this was the case Mr. Dracula.”

“How do you know my name, I am travelling incognito under the name of Smith, but I suppose it is part of your profession Mr. Holmes.”

“Very clever for a vampire to recognise me, but not so much. I decided to produce my Meerschaum pipe to give you a clue. You had no need to give any clues. It was quite obvious that you were the Undead of all Undeads.”

“But I have normal teeth to fitting over my elongated molars and I have coloured my usual pale complexion with makeup.”

“Mr. Dracula, there are some things you cannot hide, or can hide to pronounce it better. The shade of hot pink lipstick is not a very good choice. You must regard the mirror on the wall.”

“I am regarding it.”

“Exactly, you have no reflection.”

“Oh, but you are not as clever as you think Mr. Holmes. Who else would be wearing a deerstalker hat and a cloak with a magnifying glass peeping out of his jacket pocket, not to mention the violin case you are carrying.”

“The violin case is camouflage. I use it to carry my Kalishnikov. The criminals are no longer satisfied with a vial of poison, or a gun. Those are the toys of the Victorian age. Today we must be one step ahead. I deduce you have read the books by my biographer, Mr. Conan Doyle. I knew you would be at this art exhibition today Mr. Dracula. It was quite obvious that the painting is a portrait of your goodself, painted by the great artist Jonathan Harker.”

“Be careful what you say Mr. Holmes. Others may hear us, the evening is drawing close and it seems to be a full moon night. I will now leave, but be warned, I will be watching for you.”

“Oh Dracula, that I have to laugh. Your memory is growing weak with age. Do you not remember the night when I left the window open to my bedroom and you clambered  onto my bed and placed your molars in the depth of my neck. That was my cunning plan,  we are of the same kind Dracula.”

“You know everything Sherlock. Let us become partners. I will leave the bloodless corpses strewn over my path and you will be successful by discovering who committed the murder.”

“You are forgetting something Dracula. We are now both members of the undead profession and it will not be possible for the idiot police to discover which of us was the murderer. We must leave a wrong trail. I have a tie belonging to Bruce Willis. We will tie it around the neck of the victim to pretend death by strangling.”

“That will not work Sherlock.”

“Why ever not?”

“I paid Bruce Willis a visit yesterday at midnight. He has such a lovely neck and the jugular vein was so inviting. He is one of us.”

“Hello boys, Vlad and Sherlock. What about paying a visit to the local blood bank, I am thirsty.

“Bruce how nice, of course. What group do you prefer?”

“Yes Bruce, we would love to accompany you.”

“I will take group “O”. It is the most common and I am only an apprentice vampire. I have to accustom myself slowly to this new way of life death.”

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