Sunday, 18 January 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Please to Meet You Felines

Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?


“Look Fluffy, it’s him.”

“Yes Tabby”

“Yes, Grumpy Cat. We must invite him in for a paw print.”

“No felines, it does not come into the question. I do not want such a miserable feline in my apartment.”

“But Mrs. Human, we told him we were hosting the annual feline Bastet awards this year. Look outside at our feline friends. They are all waiting for the arrival of Garfield.”

“But Tabby it might have been an idea to ask me first.”

“Forget it, it is our appartment, and we invite who we want to.”

“Yes Tabby, you are right. Look Garfield is arriving in a carriage drawn by two Persian Cats.”

“But there is something wrong Fluffy. Grumpy Cat is still here and Garfield has arrived. I do not think that is a good idea.”



“Oh Tabby, they do not like each other.”

“Of course not, they are felines. Felines do not like other felines.”

“Then you do not like me Tabby.”

“Of course not, I just put up with you.”

“Oh, good, because I have the same feelings for you. Look all the cats in the neighbourhood are grouping around Garfield for his paw print and Grumpy is not very happy. It would be a good idea if they would decide who will win the Bastet award. Who is presenting it Tabby?”

“Bastet is sending one of her emissaries and she is arriving. Look she is descending in a chariot pulled by giant mice.”

“It’s Nera.”

“Yes, look how the felines are cheering and clapping and now she will announce the winner.”

“Hello fans, yes I am here to present the honours. Garfield, you have acted well this year and your personification of The Lone Cat was excellent. Grumpy Cat your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You were perfect in Midsummer Night Feline. The choice was very difficult this year, but we have a posthumous winner. Yes as Nera the departed I am awarding the Bastet Prize to myself for perfection of character, wonderful silky fur and the most talented feline. Hello Tabby and Fluffy, did you say something?”

“No Nera of course not, you deserve the prize, but it seems that Garfield and Grumpy cat are not happy.”

“Just give them a plate of tuna fish each, they will soon calm down. So goodbye fans, I will return to the Eternal Corn Chambers to Bastet and of course, I would like to thank Mrs. Human for emptying my cat tray regularly.”

“Thank you Nera - no Nera is no longer amongst us - or?????”

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  1. Tabby and Fluffy have more excitement in their lives than I do. Of course Nera won the prize. lol

    1. I have all the excitement and they just sit and watch all the stress

  2. Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, is actually a female. Maybe she and Garfield could fall in love and live happily never after.

    1. Must admit I just assumed it was a tom cat because she was constantly grumpy