Monday, 19 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Re-Springing your Step

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

Poodles waiting at the supermarket

I am sure these two poodles were thinking about becoming rejuvenated waiting at the entrance to the supermarket. I met their owner later in the flower department at the entrance where she had both of them.  Me, being me, I naturally told her I had taken a photo of them.

“Show me” she said.

I had taken the photo on my Canon digital camera, so that was no problem. She laughed and said that is a great photo. You took it before they pulled the umbrella stand to the floor when they were pleased to see her. That is the dog’s answer to being fresh and rejuvenated. He springs to meet his lady, regardless of anything in his way.

The last time I felt fresh and energised I do not really remember. It is a daily occurrence after my golden oldie midday sleep, although the rejuvenated part was lost many years ago. My head is there immediately, the brain finding new ideas. My first movement when I am awake is to check on my iPhone for the time. My second movement is to check on my mini iPad to see what I have missed in the meanwhile, both being on the bedside table. I can remain in the horizontal position. Yes I am very much “i”. I often wonder how it was in the olden days when there was no “i”, but then I remember I was working and my only chance of a midday sleep was when my eyes might have closed for a few seconds in the office. Luckily after lunch no-one really noticed as they were also probably in the same condition. 

Today things are different. As I mentioned, my brain is active, but unfortunately the body can no longer keep up with the mental action. 

“Arise” says brain.

“Why?” says body.

“Because you cannot lay in bed all day.”

“Of course I can, I now feel fresh energised and rejuvenated according to the laws of nature.”

“As your brain I say then move your lazy body. You have many things to do.”

“Do I have to use my limbs to do them?”

“If you want to write a daily prompt you will have to pick up your computer and take it with you. Legs move.”

That was brain giving the orders again. It always interrupts my daily routine and I was so comfortable laying in bed balancing my iPad.

“Body did you hear me. It is time to go.”

“OK brain I am with you, I am on my way.”

I noticed my limbs were not in a co-operative mood, decided to sit on the edge of the bed and checking if they were ready to go. We eventually left the safety of the bedside and risked a few steps. Body was in working order, but not without creaks and scraping noises. I decided to risk it, My first co-ordinated movement is to take my computer and walk to a suitable surface. Generally this is the kitchen table after my midday sleep as no-one is in the kitchen. I collapse into a chair and switch on the computer.

“I don’t know if I am ready for this yet.” Body tells brain.

“My grey cells are not yet all dead and those that are remaining would like to hang around for a few years. We can do it I am sure.”

“I am hungry” that was stomach speaking.

“I will have to make a pause for something to eat. I bought some special  chocolate covered wholewheat rice waffles this morning.”

“Yes, yes, eat them.” said stomach.

“Brain what do you think?”

“If you must, afterwards you have to tell us all about it on your daily prompt.”

“About what?”

“You already read it after your golden oldie sleep on your mini iPad. Now we are on the big one, the computer, so wrtie. I will help you on the way.”

“Oh that was great, give me another one.”

“Keep quiet stomach, brain and I must concentrate.”

And so combining our special gifts of co-ordination we are telling everyone about our last experience of feeling fresh.

“Wake up, you are losing your concentration.”

“Yes brain, sorry. I wish I was ten years younger, but do not forget you are also older and it is your concentration that I am losing.”

“You have a point there body. Oh let’s call it a day. I think we both need a rest after all this action.”

And so after uploading my daily prompt, I decided to take it easy in a chair and read a book and hope that I do not fall asleep in the meanwhile. Did I tell you today I made a decision. I will now set my alarm to wake me in the morning. Brain and I have problems. We are no longer awake at the same time. Brain is awake before body and this means I have to stress in the morning to get it all done by lunch time. Mr. Swiss finds that now I am retired, I no longer need to do everything by lunchtime, I can take my time. I suppose he is right, but brain says no, “keep up the routine, I do not want to lay in bed half the morning and work out how we are going to do it in the afternoon”. Yes brain is very clever and brain said “Whoever fights laziness should see to it that in the process he does not become lazy. And if you gaze long enough at the bed, the bed will gaze back into you”.

“Brain that was not original, you are reading too much Nietzsche.”

“One of my plans to make you feel fresh, energized, and rejuvenated.”

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  1. I have a 45 minute lunch break at work, I go out to my car and have a nap for 30 mins. My stomach naps for most of the day, except for liquids, until I get home in the evening. That combination keeps me alert during work-time.

  2. When I was a working woman I spent my lunch break eating in the supermarket restaurant and the rest of the time shopping. No time for a sleep unfortunately. I love my golden oldie lunchtime sleep and I really go to bed.