Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Daily Prompt that never was

Write about anything, because there is nothing to write about.


I discovered that if there is nothing recommended to write about in the daily prompt, it will still appear in the Reader as a daily prompt if you apply the necessary tags, like “daily prompt”. If there is really no daily prompt, then do not despair. I nearly did. I was reading my book of the moment comfortable in a chair. Mr. Swiss was sitting in a chair next to me reading his book of the moment and he realised something was missing.

“Don’t you have anything to write about?”


“Are you sure” and so to make him happy I decided to write. 

What can I write about? As you can see from the photo we are very computer friendly. I discovered this subject for the photo in the Mr. Swiss computer enclave. He is very clever. He can operate two computers at the same time. I was astonished.

Today Mr. Swiss and I paid a visit to the doc. We both needed a routine test. Mine was a long term sugar test. I only had to donate a few tubes of blood for an examination. The junior vampire was waiting for me in anticipation of the supply of fresh blood. She only took a few tubes full. I was lucky that she did not empty my arm.  I am supposed to have this test done every three months, but as it is now six months I decided it was time to go.

Mr. Swiss was parking the car and appeared just as she was finishing with her vampire bites on my arm,  so I left him to it and he survived. Luckily we both had a supply of garlic with us to keep the blood loss to a minimum. Yes, it was a vampires happy day today. We now have a joint appointment to discuss the results next week. Isn’t it lovely when you can do things together.

Today the Swiss government decided no longer to support the Euro (€) currency. Something about if it falls to CHF 1.20 per Euro. I received one of those messages that make “ping” on my iPad. I thought big deal, but asked Mr. Swiss. He told me that it was not a good day for the Swiss economy, especially those who invest in shares and export their products. I breathed a sigh of relief as I have no shares, but I still do not understand the big fuss. I have never seen an Euro, but it seems the Swiss banks have millions of them, a hasty cash transfer, and now they regret it. We held five minutes silence during lunch as the Swiss news was telling us all about it. 

Promptless days can be really boring. You have no meaning in your daily life, something is missing. The computer stares at you with a blank screen saying “press the switch, tune in and write something”. I see only a grid full of prompts that I have visited and fulfilled. What a boring life. 

“Wordy hello, I thought you had deserted me.”

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss. No today we have a day of rest, in memory of all the daily prompts that did not make it into the grid. Today one slipped away. We are still searching for it.”

“Telll me all about it Wordy, what was it all about?”

“That is the problem Mrs. Angloswiss. It disappeared and said nothing and it was one of my prompts. I cannot remember what it was about, but it would have bee a sensation had it survived. Any chocolate cake Mrs. Angloswiss?

“Wordy you are changing the subject.”

“No, just a minute I remember. Tell us about Mrs. Angloswiss chocolate cake or any other cake she makes with a random word from Google or the 105th image from Google. Write your prompt in Latin or Romansh

“Thankyou Wordy for your helpful assistance. You are dropping crumbs of chocolate cake on the floor.”

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