Friday, 12 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Sweet Little Lies

As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?


And we all meet again (at least those that I meet on the daily prompt) to discuss if to tell a lie is wrong. Of course it is wrong, but there are always more exceptions to the rule. I should explain. I do not lie, it is too complicated. It might be that when asked I will say I will have to have a look, meaning let us postpone the answer until we have forgotten the question. My life is complicated enough, without having to complicate it even more with telling lies. One of the advantages of being a golden oldie is that your age is an excuse for forgetfulness, for perhaps mixing things up. Having grey hair is a sign of old age and getting things mixed up.

Today I am very confused. The daily prompt is confusing me, it seems to be going from bad to worse. I see no entries from my brothers-in-arms, I seem to be writing for I, me and myself. I feel neglected, unwanted, ignored. WordPress no longer loves me. Honestly I did not kill the ping backs, I did not sabotage our writing for the day. I am slowly suffering from withdrawal, my fingers have the shaking keyboard palsy, I dream of the prompt that never was. No, Radio did not kill the radio star, the daily prompt “0 Responses” killed the bloggers. We are wandering in a desert of lost pingbacks searching for a new home. Is there hope for us, will we be rescued by Super Wordy, will he fly onto our screen, wave his magic pingback wand and everything will be back to normal? Our grid will return and bloggers if you wish to take a chance on writing, do not forget to remove the “s” from the “http” code. That might save you from being gridless. One of our fellow bloggers discovered this yesterday (not me, I am too old) and it seemed we were saved.

Let us discuss something else. I was awoken from my golden oldie sleep after lunch by the noise of a mechanical chain saw. Was the Swiss chain saw murderer searching for a victim? Was it my turn now to be on the front page of the local newspaper with the headline “Chainsaw Murderer strikes again. He mistook citizen for branch of a hawthorne tree”.  I arose to find a man dressed with a helmet and carrying the said chain saw and attacking one of the three bushes on the border between my property and the property over the border line. The border is formed by three trees and the Chainsaw tree murderer was decapitating the tree on the right, the hawthorne tree. As you can see in the photo this is not a tall tree. Was this person instructed to transform our hawthorne into a bonsai? The local dog population would not be happy, they need tall trees. Perhaps a corgi would be happy with a bonsai, but not a great dane.

I decided to have a conversation with this tree murderer, under threat that he would turn his saw to me. He explained that the three bushes were on the borderline and they had never been cut down. I told him that when we moved into our premises there were no trees, there was no apartment block, it was wide open country with a wheat field belonging to a farmer. With time an apartment block was built and it was requested that our privacy should be maintained by planting trees. I had no interest to see what the neighbour was doing in her garden, especially as she is a cat hater, so that solved our problems.Three trees were planted with the promise they would grow tall and strong, although I had my doubts. However as time passed they grew and bore flowers and fruit. I explained this to the tree killer. He did not cry or shed a tear, but more or less assured me that he would stop his rampage of shortening trees. I could not save the hawthorn but the shortening of the  lilac and the other tree were prevented.

The chainsaw tree killer has now moved on to continue his tree massacre, but my trees have been saved.

As we have no inspiring prompts from our Wordy team I will come to a close in the hope that you might find my words of wisdom in this WordPress desert of lost prompts and ping backs.


  1. Leaving off the 's' isn't working today. Neither are the comments. They've taken away our only weapons of defense. Boo.

    But i'm glad you save your trees :)

    1. I noticed, I am sure they did it on purpose.

  2. Happy to hear you saved two of the three trees, anyway!!

    Lies, hmmm? Imagine if lies were banned. No more politicians!! LOL.

    1. Funny I was thinking in that direction as well, but I try to keep my blogging life free from politics.